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Explosive Training Day

Today I was determined to do a little kettlebells and some other bodyweight exercises. Just needed my baby to take her morning nap. I decided to warm up with an 8 minute walk around the neighborhood. Just enough time to get her to sleep. Once I got home I knew it was just a matter of time until she would wake up. I needed to hurry up and get my workout done.
Here it is.

Explosive Push Ups 10
Jump Pull Ups (just using my tippie toes) 4
One Leg Explosive Box Squat (18 inch box) 10/10 on each leg
Snatches with 12kg 20/20

Went through each exercise with little to no rest. After Snatches rested 1 minute and repeated 3 times. Felt great after this. The best thing is this took about 20 minutes to do.

I could have been done but since she was still asleep I decided to use the extra time.

Lying Hip Rotations 10x
Wheel Roll Outs 12x
Medicine Ball Twists 30x

Did 2 sets and then she woke up. I wanted to get one more in so I brought her outside and finished one last set with her laughing at me.

Another successful day of working out while watching my baby. Yay!


Kettlebell Lady said…
Those pics gave me a smile...Thanks!
Franz Snideman said…
Nice workout! And I like the explosive single leg drills!

What a beautiful baby! :)

Although you already knew that
Lauren Brooks said…
Kettlebell lady,

Those pics are what keeps me going in life sometimes. I have to admit I put them up for selfish reasons. 8-) I am glad they give you a smile too!
Lauren Brooks said…

Thank you! It was fun doing the 1 leg box squats more explosively. Next is to try them on a 6 or 12 inch box. That will be more of challenge.

Isn't a mother always suppose to think their baby is beautiful? 8-)
Howie B said…
Explosive!! Awesome and a beautiful little girl. Reminds me of last summer when I stayed home with our little guy for 8 weeks with Ross' book under my arm on our morning walks.
Lauren Brooks said…

Thanks. Do you have Ross's other book Infinite Intensity? I am thinking of getting that one as well.
Howie B said…
Hi Lauren, no I haven't yet picked up his other book, although it's on my wish list. Right now I'm still digesting Enter the Kettlebell. One of my goals is to one day be able to jump rope like Ross. How are the rope waves coming? Are they similar in movement to medicine ball slams?

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