Thought we were in the clear

We were getting really excited to start Ben's program last week. Then I had to rush him to the emergency room at 6 a.m. Now that he is off the Prednisone he is much more vulnerable for painful flair ups. I personally think we have gotten a little too comfortable with our eating and need to go back to a strict Ulcerative Colitis friendly diet. We don't know what the exact cause of the flair ups are. If we knew we wouldn't keep having this problem. The pain is so unbearable that he required pain medicine 4 times stronger than Morphine, which is called Dilauded.

Once things settle down I will continue to post. My daughter hasn't been sleeping well either for the past several weeks. At 3 a.m. she decides that she needs me! With no sleep and high stress, it's very hard to stay above water. My body has finally said ENOUGH! My lowered immune system from everything going on, finally gave in to a virus. With that being said, I do not workout when I am sick. Once I build my immune system back up I will be ready to go again. In the meantime I am forced to rest as much as my time allows. Which is very difficult for me. Ben is feeling much better now but still a little bit sore. Whenever his stomach is feeling fully recovered we will start his journey to health! I will keep everyone posted.

For those who are able to get a good night sleep, cherish it! I envy you. I never realized how much I liked sleep until I am this deprived. Anyone learn to live on very little sleep and still feel great? If so, please let me know who you are. I don't see myself getting good sleep for awhile!


Howie Brewer said...

Hi Lauren, so sorry to hear how things got turned upside down on you guys this week. Believe me, I know what it's like. My little guy suffers from epilepsy and every few weeks it seems we go through a rough patch and every couple of months we're holed up in the hospital for a 5-day stay. These are the times where all the past training comes in. It only have we made our bodies stronger to withstand what we normally wouldn't have to, but it has also made us mentally strong, to be able to withstand the emotional and mental hurdles we face. Stay strong and be sure to continue to take care of yourself as well as everyone else. At times it's not easy, but unfortunately, it's part of life. Best wishes to you all. Howie

william said...

My boy is 3 months old.

I'm not having the kind of "bad" stress you are, but I travel every week 2-3 days and then don't really sleep much at home.

Leave something in the tank. I know that's hard, but when you're laying out the workouts make them a little easier, and shorter, then you normally would and stop when you're done. I like to train dialy but I've been taking days off too.

You have a solid enough, very solid, foundation to work off. Just maintain.

Best of luck.

fawn said...

Hang in there Lauren... things will get better.

Lauren said...


I can't imagine watching my child go through what you do. You are so strong with the situation you have been dealt. Thank you for your wishes. You are absolutely right how our physical workouts have made us that much stronger to deal with everything. I have had no choice but to be strong. My mental state is like steel now!!! 8-)

Lauren said...


Congratulations on your baby boy! I will keep that in mind when doing my workouts. I will try to make them easier. I have the short part down, but usually I like to keep them very intense. I definitely need to lighten it up if I am not sleeping.
Good luck on getting your sleep too!

Lauren said...


Thank you! I know things will be better. They already are. Ben is feeling much better and back at work today. I am almost back to normal. I probably wont do a workout until tomorrow morning.

christina said...

I'm a little late commenting here but just wanted to say "hang in there" Babies schedules change they go through growth spurts here and there. Hopefully soon she will not need you at 3am :) and will sleep soundly.

Christine said...

Nap when she does! That's the one bit of 'mommy advice' I can offer you! My kids don't nap anymore, so I'm screwed - and the younger two have yet to sleep through the night (night terrors).

I am a highly evolved being that no longer requires sleep. That's what I keep telling myself, anyway!

Franz Snideman said...


Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Found your blog as I was searching for other RKB practitioners and read this particular entry and thought that I would share what my sister-in-law was able to do with the same condition. I have copied and pasted some of her response to me regarding the treatment that is working with her. She has had the condition for 17 years with the last two symptom free.

prednisone and asacol for 6 months, and gradually weaned off the steroids and she has been on the asacol for two years and been symptom free. Worth a look.

Best Regards,

Lauren said...

Hi Jared,

Thanks so much for sharing that. I am so pleased to hear that your sister is symptom free. Ben was on prednisone for about 5 months and is still on something like Asacol. I think it's Colosal. The doctors switched him to something stronger. I'll tell Ben about this comment and maybe ask the doctors if he should switch. It's nice to hear that it's possible to get through this!