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A Challenge for my Husband

Those who have been with me from the start with my blogging will remember that my husband was suffering from severe stomach problems that landed him in the emergency room over 15 times and admitted in the hospital 3 times. I would like to announce that he finally got off the steroids that the doctors put him on. The prednione (steroid) may have saved him but also came with a whole list of horrible side effects we had to deal with. So I am now becoming a very happy women seeing my husbands health start to improve almost drug free.

Since working out for him has not been an option for longer than I can remember, I am now giving him a challenge. I told him last night that if he did just 20-30 minutes a day of kettlebell workouts, 5 times a week his health and physique would improve dramatically. I am talking about a transformation. Of course proper nutrition would be part of it as well. We would take pictures, measurements, log everything to keep him on track. You would think since his wife is a trainer and nutritionist he would jump at this opportunity. For those who don't know Ben he is quite a comedian and never takes anything to seriously. If you check out his post of me discussing this challenge with him you will see what I am talking about. I encourage you to read it and post a comment to tell him to take this challenge! I need all the help I can get.

The pictures he put on his post are not him but to make you laugh! Here is his link
or just click on Film Buffs blog in my link section.


Ben Miller said…
I'm glad that you told everybody the truth about the pictures (otherwise they might think you were married to Leonardo DiCaprio or Marky Mark). As far as the challenge, I think Ben should take some more time to think about it and weigh his options (no pun intended) before making any rash decisions. Either way, I wish you both the best of luck!
Franz Snideman said…
this is great! Ben, you can do it bro..all it takes is time and effort...that's it.

Half of success is just showing up, it doesn't have to be just have to be consistent. And a 20 to 30 min time commitment 3 to 5 times per week is really not that big of a time commitment at all!

As Dan John says "most champions are built on PUNCH THE CLOCK WORKOUTS." Do the work, and get out of the gym and live your life.
fawn said…
Keep us posted on the training... working out with a spouse can be a lot of fun!
Zorbs said…
Good for your hubby!

If I could only get my hubby to touch a kettlebell...
Lauren Brooks said…

I like that punch the clock workouts you mentioned. That is exactly what he needs. 30 minutes sound much less intimidating than a full hour. You and I both know that you can get fantastic results with the short workouts!
Lauren Brooks said…

I will definitely be keeping you posted. I agree that working out with a spouse can be fun. But this will be a little bit different. I will be training and coaching him. This journey will be quite a test.
Lauren Brooks said…

It doesn't even need to be a kettlebell. Just regular activity is would be a start.

I will be very proud of him after he picks the bell up. Surprisingly enough, before our wedding and between his sickness, he took my kettlebell classes regularly. So at least I wont have to focus too much on form and technique.
Ben -
You absolutely need to hit the gym. Prednisone is not something you want to be on even medium term. There is a direct link between its use and osteoporosis. I have two clients who have been told by their doctors that Prednisone probably caused their bone loss (osteoporosis). Bones love compression and tension and that is the perfect counter to a steroid like Prednisone. Best of luck.
Lauren Brooks said…

You are right. Prednisone just kills your bones. That is just one of the wonderful side effects that he was experiencing. His immune system was shot, he had muscular and bone aches, and a whole list of other things during this treatment. There is no doubt about it that he needs to start something asap. Which he now says he will do in the next day or two. I am looking forward to this new life change.
Anonymous said…
lauren, i think that is awesome you are challenging Ben. it is not only advantageous to him, but also your family. The benefits to being healthy are endless. I am in such a better mood when i workout and eat healthfully regularly. best of luck ben! with lauren on your side to help you dont really need it though. just look at the pic of you when you were 16 for the motivation on the lazy days ;)

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