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Traditional Weight workout in a gym

I worked out with a female bodybuilder today that has won many competitions. She is super super lean and looks great. I love to train different ways. This is what she had me do.

Light Weight, HIgh Reps

Deadlifts 45lb 8
Roman Deadlift 45lb 8
One arm Roman Deadlift 10lb 16 left and 16 right (a bit too easy, but got my heart rate up)

Did all without any rest 3 sets through

Renegade Rows on barbells 15lb 8 on each side
Push Ups on barbells 5 reps
Hang Clean, Squat, and Press 30lb 6 reps (pretty light)

Did all without any rest 3 sets through

Step Ups on Bench 30lb 16 reps
Leg Raises for lower Abs 12 reps
Cross Crunches 12 on each side

2 sets

Bicep Curls 12 reps
Tricep Pull down 12 reps

3 sets

I still feel I get a much better workout using kettlebells. But it is definitely nice to switch it up.


Royce said…
Barbells are fun!! I like them to go heavy. I agree with you though, KBs are better ( or at least funner ) for strenght-endurance workouts.
Anonymous said…
Hey Lauren, Thanks for your kind words and posting my blog link on your page. I'll hook yours up on my page if I haven't already.

I don't think anything can touch KBs in the way of overall training, plus it's so much faster. :0) gotta LOVE that!

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