Live on the Spanish Channel

My friend Yoana asked me to come on the Spanish Channel with her to show people how you can exercise with your baby. This was filmed about 2 months after I had Lyla. We had a great time doing this. I hope you enjoy!


Regina Hurley said...

Great video Lauren..It would seem that I retained more Spanish that I realized. I could understand for the most part what Yoana was saying in Spanish :)

Its really cool how you can both learn from each other

Yoana said...

You and Lyla did AMAZING!!!

Thank you for coming to my TV segment to really show people how to apply real life exercises after pregnancy!

I think the segment went great and I am happy that you put it on your blog!

Kettlebell Lady said...

Although I don't know what you are saying, it looked like fun. I couldn't help thinking that I would make sure your kids has been burped first!