I wanted to use the 16kg no matter what!

Today I decided it's time to go a little heavier with some of the exercises. I haven't been posting my workouts, since there has not been any consistency with my training, due to various reasons.

Trying to go heavier without training much is not always the smartest thing. But I felt if I can keep my form for 1 rep then that is good enough for me today! So I was prepared to not even be able to do one

Here is my short training

A. Turkish Get Up 16kg 1 rep on each arm 4 set ( little wobbly at first but did it with success!)
Snatches 16kg 6 reps on each arm 4 sets

Total 8 TGU's and 48 Snatches. Took longer breaks, 2-4 minutes, so I can have perfect form each time.

B. Push ups on Bosu upside down 10 reps 3 sets
Pistol Holds (held for 5 seconds at the bottom and came up with 2 legs) 8kg 2 reps 3 sets

Morning weight was 111.2lb and 19.1% body fat. Still breastfeeding, so not sure how accurate the body fat scale is if I am walking around with lots of milk. I think it's time for me to do a caliper body fat or hydrostatic weighing.

Tomorrow's workout will be more isolation of muscle groups, due to the fact that I WANT to put some size on my body, meaning muscle mass. Will post the body building type workout tomorrow.


christine said...

I wouldn't stress about the body fat percentage until you're done nursing. Good for you for keeping with breast feeding! (And for swinging and lifting so heavy - ouch!)

Tracy said...

Take you BF at different times of the day and average out. My BF is always highest in the morning (of course I get up at 4:15am, that's really early!)

Usually it's around 20% first thing,( that's before "bathroom time"), 11:00am it's 17-19%, and around 4-5:00pm, its the lowest 15-17%.

As you know alot of things affect the reading, so play with it!

Lauren said...


Yes I am still hanging in there with the nursing. It definitely has not been easy, time wise, since I am working more now. But I am some how managing to keep up with it.


Good idea. I didn't realize the scale could differ THAT much from morning until afternoon. I will try that the next couple days. I'm excited to see the difference!