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Farmers Walks - One of the most beneficial exercises you can do for your body

Farmers Walks or Farmer Carries anyone?

Nothing new. Been around for years on end and one of the most under utilized simple exercises you can possibly do. I’m gonna list the benefits below of this diamond of an exercise.

There’s a reason why the most recognized strength coaches on this planet such as Dan John and Brooks Kubik have their athletes do these regularly. Brooks Kubik said “The farmers walk is one of the most productive of all exercises.”

Now for the Benefits

Increased postural strength and control. Basically what I’m saying is this drill helps your spine and tissues around it to become strong AF (as freak).

Increases your metabolism, burns fat, and builds dense muscle mass. .
Increases your Grip Strength like no other.

Core Stabilization and Bracing which translates over in to every strength lift and real life.

The heavy carrying also grounds you deeper to the earth and helps keep you feel centered.

You can get super creative with Farmer walks. Uneven bells, one bell, bottoms up carry, rack walks, overhead carries... so many ideas and simple as heck!

Not to mention carrying heavy weights makes you feel kinda gangsta. 😬


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