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The Body Armor Project - 6 Week Kettlebell Program - Build Your Body Like It's a Machine

The Body Armor Project

This program is designed to help you become STRONGER all over, MOBILE all over, CONDITIONED, and POWERFUL.

The workouts are not long. The program suggests 4 days per week.

This program is very special to me. It includes some of my most favorite mobility and strength drills that literally lubricates your joints so you can move better, which helps decrease pain and inflammation. 

The program will also help blood circulation throughout your entire body.  These workouts including the warm up are designed to strengthen your entire system from connective tissue, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. You will not only feel/look strong and fit, but you'll feel like a machine. 

That's why I named this program Body Armor Project. To build an anti-fragile body you must include self care, mobility, a balanced form of strength, power, and conditioning. 

Inside this program you will find 

1 Follow Along Warm Up with Mobility and incredible body openers - 13 min
3 Follow Along Strength and Mobility Workouts  - Under 30 min each
2 Follow Along Power & Conditioning with Ab Workouts - Under 25 min each
 Beautifully designed viewable PDF's to go with each workout and warm up 
Easy to Follow PDF document for your 6 week rotation program
Printer Friendly versions of each workout and program for progress tracking and taking with you on the go.

Your Body Weight

**Optional Equipment you can get in a day (modifications if you don't have a suspension trainer or pull up bar)
 Bands or Dowel Rod, any suspension Trainer or Pull Up bar or rings, Tennis Ball or my favorite Yoga Therapy Balls

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