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21 Day Squat Challenge - #21DaysOfSquats

Welcome to the 5th Annual Squat Challenge! 

Updated for JANUARY 1, 2020

**We are SWITCHING things up this year**

Why Squat? Squats are one of the most beneficial exercises to practice. I could sit here and tell you how squatting makes you stronger, more conditioned, firms your legs and butt, improves digestion, increases energy and mood, but I'm sure you know the endless amount of benefits. A few people who've participated in the past squat challenges chose to share their experiences which I've shared below.

 So let's just get to squatting! Beginners are welcomed! Join our Challenge Today completely FREE here and read the easy rules below on how to win one year free access to Lauren's Playground. 

Do you plan on doing more than the Squat Challenge? If you want a workout plan... hundreds of people in Lauren's Playground will be doing programs like Upper Body Bliss and the Tushy Toning Transformation in conjunction with the 21 Day Squat Challenge. The RESET program in Lauren's Playground coincides well with the Squat Challenge as well. If you're not a member of Lauren's Playground you can do this in conjunction with our Free 7 Day Swing Challenge here or focus completely on the Squat Challenge, which is amazing. You will have an opportunity to be able to join Lauren's Playground after the 21 Day Squat Challenge. 

What did you like about the squat challenge?

Probably THE single best experience I've ever had in my "fitness" life. Have always been a "loner" - no gym, no "workout buddies" - simply going out to my shed or working out in my little computer room. I HAVE to stay fit because I'm a full-time, 2nd shift blue-collar worker in a manual-labor-intensive job, with no "retirement" in the cards. But I was flagging - workouts were becoming infrequent and stale. Little mind-game things were messing with me, too: "What's the point? Nobody CARES whether you workout or not - everyone thinks you're a foolish idiot for even TRYING at your age!" (I'm 64). 

But something about Lauren's Squat Challenge called to me and I started it - and once I DID start it, I was hooked. Here were people who had the same mindset I did when I first started - they were happy, THRILLED to take this on. Their enthusiasm and energy were contagious. And THAT'S what kept me here and in the game - the people. I could relate to just about everything they had to say - recognize every level they were at - had been there at some point in my own experience. Decided from the very first day on the FB Group that I was NEVER going to stint them on encouragement and praise, because it's in damned short supply out here in the real world, no matter how much it's desperately needed and deserved. In the course of doing that, I'd find MYSELF becoming excited about the whole "fitness" thing again - ten short minutes of reading/responding to posts would have ME ready to jump up and start doing squats! 

Can you imagine? The sharing of little "life moments", the faltering and the set-backs due to illness or injury, the humor, the camaraderie - I had fallen into the single best group of human beings I had ever "met". Every single one striving - daily! - to improve their strength, their health and, collaterally, the lives of themselves and their family. The sheer positive energy of it was incredible - my strength was their strength and vice-versa (the way it SHOULD be in RL). I did my level best to bring everyone out in the open, to have them come out into the light so that they could SHINE, as they rightfully should. I have never been prouder or more happy to have been associated with ANY group of people in my life - and I'm looking forward to whatever OTHER "Challenges" are in store. The timing and load increments were perfect for this - everyone got to start out with what they were comfortable with and progress to what they wanted to - many surprised themselves and what a joy to behold THAT was. The "Ah-ha!" moments when many discovered hitherto unknown strength that hadn't been there before. 

Does it GET any better than that? I think not. EVERYONE pitched in and urged each other on - paid TRUE compliments where they were deserved, helped and gave guidance when needed or just simply let someone know they were rooting for them when they were down (and God Bless every single one of you who did so, because I'm sure it meant the world to the recipients - and me). 

Never hide your light under the bushel, people. Your progress is thrilling to everyone when you're making progress, whether it be with 5KG or 50! It's NOT the weight, or the amount of sets it takes to do the reps - it's YOU. In there slugging away consistently. We ALL glory in your journey and your progress, so never hide it because you think it doesn't measure up. It DOES. Thank you for this Lauren Brooks. A LOT of us really needed this - on many levels. And thank you AGAIN for doing the work WITH us (many of the online "guru's" DON'T). I respect that. Waiting for that next "Challenge". Hope I didn't bore anyone to death. Steven Peter Yevchak Sr. 

ALL ABOUT THE SQUAT CHALLENGE and the Best Squat for You!






Directions: Each week pick a weight and stick with it. Beginners can start with no weight. Example: Week 1: Bodyweight only, Week 2: 18lbs Week 3: 26lbs
See all squatting options below.  

Intermediate/Advanced Squatters can start with one bell or two bells. Remember the weight and reps go up. You may break up the reps in to as many sets as you choose. 
See all squatting options below.

Note: you may break up the reps into as many sets as you want. Example. 4 sets of 5 reps. 2 sets of 10 reps. Share your journey and share your results in our Free Facebook group here

You can pick which kind of squats you'd like to start the challenge with:

Body Weight Squats
Goblet Squats
Bottoms Up Squats


1.  Share and tag your friends to Challenge them to get them involved.
2.  Hashtag #21daysofsquats  and #laurenbrooksfitness so we can find you .

3. Tell us when you do your squats on Facebook, twitterinstagram, or pinterest. Tag and hashtag so we can find you! Check out our Facebook challenge group for the easiest way to participate and get involved.

4. Find us on facebook to share with your friends, family and colleagues. 

One winner who does 

If you're not sure how to properly perform a squat please view any of these video below. 


LET'S SQUAT - Bodyweight or Kettlebell Goblet Squats


My Personal Results With The Squat Challenge

I started the Challenge with a 44lb kettlebell. It felt challenging. The last day I tested (3 weeks later)

How do you hoist a heavy kettlebell up to do a Kettlebell Front Squat?

Getting the Bell in Position

1.  Share and tag your friends to Challenge them to get them involved.
2.  Hashtag #21daysofsquats  and #laurenbrooksfitness so we can find you 
3. Tell us when you do your squats on Facebook, twitter, instagram, or pinterest. Tag and hashtag so we can find you! Check out our Facebook challenge post for the easy way to participate.


Another Sample here

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Read the comments below. 

Tempest Sharp i loved it for a couple reasons, gained strength, totally motivated by a few people in particular, and i loved checking in.. i'm hoping for a sld, on the next one ha ha ha
Denice Harlow Johnson Doing a manageable challenge on FB was fun I must say. I was definitely inspired by these folks. My legs got a bit stronger I'm sure.
Jill Singer For me, next time I'll take the total squats of the week and average them for an "every other day" workout so my body has a chance to rest.
Husna Lapidus For me it was the accountability and the motivation from all the other squat challenge participants. It was easy enough to not be daunting but enough of a challenge to feel worthwhile.
Angela Clark 21 days is a sweet spot that gave me an extra push/challenge to my existing training. I really focused on my form. This challenge was Totally achievable for anyone at any level! Especially when motivated by such a fantastic group!

(Agreed with Jill Singer- I would like to incorporate the challenge to "every other day", to program rest days); my hips started feeling it these last 2 days.

Sarah Post I'm on board with the 21 days being a sweet spot!
Lauren Brooks
Write a reply...
Sarah Post Fun! Engaging! Good length and very tangible progress!
Deanna Russo Terzo LOVED IT! Ready for next one:)
Olivia Fenion Loved it as it kept me motivated and seeing everyone else participating just spurred me on so I didn't give up! smile emoticon Didn't manage to post on all days but kept up, and it also made me want to do more exercise around it. Usually I would have a couple of days off in a week, but the challenge kept me going every day! smile emoticon
Iris Guadian I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this challenge. I don't typically participate in these kinds of exercise challenges, but I decided to try yours because it's you. I can actually do a proper goblet squat now. Before I would only go halfway for various reasons. My body is noticeably stronger and that's transferring over to my other workouts.
Lily Hennessey I really enjoyed it! It was short and sweet, both in the amount of time spent per day and the overall length of the challenge. I liked that I could use weights that worked best for me and was inspired by the progress and weights used by the rest of the group. And most of all, it was fun and not like anything else out there!
Martha Miller I myself prefer a rest day here and there, but I looked at it as a challenge – much like a bike tour I would do, where I don't ride every day at home but then challenge myself by doing so on the tour. It was fun and motivating, and I enjoyed keeping accountable on here and seeing other people be successful too!
Lindsey Dunn Glad I did it! Didn't post for unrelated reasons, but the extra squats each day were a nice addition to be slam 2. I didn't mind the no rest days since it isn't too difficult to just do a few squats each day.
Danielle Fox Being 23 weeks pregnant I know I need to keep moving. I need to have a strong core and mobility in my hips. This squat challenge has forced me to focus on form and foundation while performing deep squats. I have been able to increase my weight without sacrificing proper form. I have also increased mobility through my hips and down into my Achilles. This challenge has been awesome!!!!!!
Tasha Olson I haven’t done one of these challenges before and I’m blown away on how rewarding and fun this experience has been. It has kept me accountable (especially with the encouragement of the Facebook group), gained strength and increased my flexibility to sa...See More
Tricia Berg Layde This has been great and tons of fun. I enjoyed it more being part if the Facebook
Steven Peter Yevchak Sr. I'll do that after I get back from the Dr. with my wife (normal Pain Management appt., not to worry). Later!
Debbie Fisher Really enjoyed it! (Have to finish today...tonight.) I did get tired but really was motivated and inspired by the group posts. I do feel stronger in my legs and can see more muscles. Definitely feeling the heaving swings in my abs that I did along with the squats. 21 days is very doable.
Denice Harlow Johnson Feeling the swings in your abs, Debbie, awhh, you make me want to go home and start some heavy swings!!!
Lauren Brooks Thank you for your feedback! ­čĆ╝
Kimberly Matteson Hagler I really enjoyed it! I didn't "officially" enter but started and posted here occasionally. I haven't been training in awhile and it was a great way to ease back into it. I feel now I'm ready to actually start training again and remembering how effective it can be with not a lot of time (as a mom of 3 busy kids and hubs).
Charly Noyes It's been fun!! And I feel so much stronger overall! Definitely pushed me to my heaviest squatting weight thus far in my journey! And the accountability has been a huge help!
Emily Wakefield Being part of the #laurenbrooksfitness #21daysofsquatschallenge has been an amazing experience. Not only did it motivate me to try and do something everyday but it gave me something to be accountable to and I don't just mean Lauren or myself, but eve...See More
Aimee Neumann Stefanski It's always fun to start off the new year with a fitness challenge. Kept me motivated and was fun to not only encourage other fellow squatters but be encouraged as well. I think we have a great group here and it was a blast! Pushed me to get a heavier bell which I've been needing to do for a long time! Can't wait for the next challenge!!
Hilary Girvin Bell Loved it!!! Need more bells wink emoticon def kept me accountable. Will post day 21 later today xo
Tammi Rippeon Love the accountability and the ability to meet new people that share similar interests. Love that the challenge focused on increasing weight - have seen a lot of challenges where the reps seem unrealistic. Was able to focus on form! My quads are on fire today! Would love to do another challenge and receive tips on form, nutrition, etc! Cheers everyone!
Charmaine Hanshaw Far and away the mental aspect turned out to be huge for me - gave me back my gumption. I've loved being a part of this group so much, encouraging people and receiving encouragement and sharing a laugh or two along the way. Your groups always attract s...See More
Lindsey Dunn Always happy to hear about your progress Charmaine 
Sarah Post Such music to hear, Charmaine's! Just awesome all around!
Lauren Brooks
Write a reply...
Carrie Ann Regnier I really liked doing this challange! It was something that I was sure that I could do and follow through with it! I really like the group that we have going here! It is so nice to get feed back and inspiration from women who have common interests and l...See More
Cindy Williams It has been just what I needed to jumpstart a much needed consistent workout routine. I started with body weight squats and am so glad that I did- taking my time getting the form down.

I feel much more confident moving onto other KB workouts-knowin...See More

Heather Sand I loved being part of this challenge. It pushed me to do something all the way and took my hatred of squats and turned it into something manageable.I love seeing my co-participants posts and it motivated me to get my challenge done for the day no matter how I felt or how busy I was! Thank you for hosting!
Kim Stanley I totally agree with everyone thus far. This has been especially good for me in the accountability area. I love how versatile this challenge has been with how it can be tailored to fit anyone's fitness level and needs. It has helped me make better food choices as well. I now just walk on past the Peanut Butter Butterfingers without stopping, !
Eileen Ken Laughlin I really enjoyed this challenge. Some days were more of a challenge than others, but it was such a manageable and attainable goal each day, I couldn't not do them. Surprised myself A) that I stuck with it and B) the weight I was worried about (16kg) re...See More
Janelle Erdman Ramberger Told u that u underestimate yourself! 
Eileen Ken Laughlin You were so right! Thank you for that spur of confidence!!
Lauren Brooks
Write a reply...
Erin Burton I thought it was so fantastic!!! We had an amazing group of people who helped each other get through it!

I have never lifted weights daily before and feel surprisingly good and strong from it! Gonna do one more workout tomorrow and then have a restful weekend smile emoticon...See More

Janelle Erdman Ramberger I enjoyed the challenge very much! I love pushing myself to see what I'm capable of! This challenge was was just the right amount of work. Some days felt easy, but then til the end of each week, I knew it was a challenge! I know I'm stronger today than I was 3 weeks ago!
Tempest Sharp ok and a additional thought on this. One reason its ink this was so easy to stay with. The schedule, as in you didn't add "said" reps each day, each week, we started over, so it was a break, so to speak, even though yes, some of us went up some or alot in weight, by starting the weeks new with lower reps it was easier to obtain a heavier weight goal... way to set up a good schedule.
Steven Peter Yevchak Sr. Probably THE single best experience I've ever had in my "fitness" life. Have always been a "loner" - no gym, no "workout buddies" - simply going out to my shed or working out in my little computer room. I HAVE to stay fit because I'm a full-time, 2nd s...See More
Lauren Brooks Thank you for this Steven! Had no idea you are 64! I'm even more impressed now! Incredible! Todd Graham did you know he was 64? You rock!
Todd Graham Amazing!
Lauren Brooks
Write a reply...
Thinkon These What an amazing challenge! My legs feel so much stronger. After slacking during the holidays, I was dreading picking up where I left off. This was just the boost I needed to get back on track. The accountability makes a huge difference, too. Thank you Lauren Brooks.. and you too, Todd Graham!!!
Gemina Kaeha This challenge was awesome with no dread factor at all. Even on days that I didn't feel great I was able to accomplish the challenge training and it always re-energized me. This was a great add on to other training sessions or even great on rest days. And I love love love all the support and people in this group!! Thanks Lauren for putting it all together. And congrats to everyone who did the challenge! ­čĆ╗
Jamie F Wolcott Looks Like it was a hit, I'm just sorry I just learned about it, now I'm a part of the group it's on for the next challenge.
Steven Peter Yevchak Sr. Welcome, Jamie F Wolcott! Glad to have you aboard!
Lauren Brooks
Write a reply...
Tracy Watson I have loved this challenge. I was just starting to workout some again after a back injury when you posted it. So many other squat challenges looked dreadful to me. I had no desire to build up to a reps in the 200s like most of the others. On the very...See More
Steven Peter Yevchak Sr. Glad to hear your focus was/is on "Safety First"! Great review, BTW!
Lauren Brooks
Write a reply...
Melissa Szurovy I loved the simplicity and that it was at each persons own pace. I never felt (too) bad if I had to miss a day, catch up or finish a day late.

I love squats. Well, I love most all things with Kettlebells. Looking forward to the next challenge Lauren Brooks puts together. It's sure to rock! ...See More

M'l Ab├ęboubi Since I had my baby 11 months ago, I didn't go back a lot to kettlebell because of back injuries.. I finally discover that I had 2 Spinal disc herniation.. (in L4 L5) so I must have a good "abdominal band". Even I done my exercices since weeks I had al...See More
Steven Peter Yevchak Sr. What a lovely, strong, courageous story. There's not a thing in the world wrong with your English - it's quite powerful, actually. God Bless you and thanks for sharing! Pete
UnlikeReply223 hrs
Lauren Brooks

Write a reply...
Leslie Reid-Green I am really glad I did this. On days when I got no other activity I still did my squats. I am thinking of starting it again on February 1st.
UnlikeReply419 hrs

Plan on doing more than the Squat Challenge? If you want a workout plan... hundreds of people in Lauren's Playground will be doing programs like Upper Body Bliss and the Tushy Toning Transformation in conjunction with the 21 Day Squat Challenge

This year we will have a RESET program that coincides well with the Squat Challenge. If you'd like to get in before the member price goes up, to have access to hours and hours of organized content, videos and programs for all fitness levels, join Lauren's Playground here. Less than a cup of coffee a day.

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