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Does Your Mom Guilt Stop You From Working Out?

How To Stop Letting That Mom Guilt Stop you from showing up for yourself 

How many of you moms don’t think twice about signing your kids up for soccer, dance, swim?  You get the gist, right

You have no problems shelling out the money and finding the time to make it work. Shuttling your kids back and forth are just part of your priority list.

I totally get this. I have 4 kids myself. It’s VERY easy to put ourselves last. 

Because when it comes to us moms, suddenly we don’t have the time to workout. By the end of the day we are wiped beyond belief and can barely function. That’s when we reach for the booze. Then a viscous cycle of depletion and unhealthy habits take over. 

The idea of investing any amount of money to ensure proper training, just sounds expensive. We talk ourselves out  of it and convince ourselves we aren’t worth it. 

Then what happens to us?

We get sick more, have no energy left, feel like complete crap, gain weight and just feel miserable about ourselves. Or we get injured trying to do it half ass on our own!

Here are 5 reason why we need to stop letting GUILT of investing in our health run our lives.  

Investing time and money in to your own health and fitness 

1. Will save you thousands of dollars in the long run. By not getting sick as much, keeping your health as a priority you can help prevent diseases that will cost your family tons of money and heartache down the road. 

2. You will have more energy for your kids and family. By having more energy you will finally be able to let go of resentment and bitterness. You will let re-ignite that flame inside you that sparkles so brightly!

3. Your confidence and self love will increase exponentially. This will help bring all of your relationships to a stronger level, especially your significant other.  It will also help you set healthy boundaries so you’re not doing things that don’t sit well with you. Feeling confident really boosts quality of life. 

4. PRODUCTIVITY LEVELS SKY ROCKET You will actually get more done and even make more money. Talk to any successful business person. One of the main ways they come up with their million dollar ideas is either during a workout or right after. Your brain will work so much more efficiently. That small investment in yourself can bring an return an investment you never would imagine. This huge to understand to moms and working moms! Who doesn’t want to get more done more efficiently?

5. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS - we want our kids to grow up, be happy, independent, and take care of theirselves. Do we want to raise our kids to believe they’re last on the totem pole? We can tell them til we’re blue in the face, but if we don’t MODEL this behavior they will model after us. This is huge. 

The guilt you feel when taking time for yourself needs to get flushed down the toilet once and for all. In fact that only guilt that should cross our mind is NOT showing up for ourselves.

 This has the greatest trickle effect in to every part of our life! Show up for yourself! Invest in yourself! You are worth it and your family would benefit from it. 

You can do this in as little as 10 minutes a day. You have to start some where. That’s why I created the 7 Day swing challenge. To get you started on doing something for yourself that requires you to move your body in a healthy way. 

Now.. if you don’t know what a kettlebell swing is, you’ll need to check out my free How to Swing a Kettlebell right here. This will literally get your strength and cardio all rolled in to one! It’s the perfect way to start your journey in to not feeling guilty and showing up for yourself. 

I invite you to join me today! 


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