The Life Changing Transformation from Back Pain and 3 Cesareans to a Kettlebell Body for Life

The Kettlebell Body Life Changing Transformation

From Back pain to no pain with kettlebells. From 3 C-sections to a strong body with kettlebell training. Read a snippet of Robyn's story below. This is very common among many women.
Many years ago I did an inspiration story of Robyn and her husband David after they both transformed their bodies using kettlebells properly both in person with me and using my DVD programs at home on their own. You can read the old blog post here.... since then they moved and ended up being blessed with a third child and another C-section. It was time to update to show this has been a life long journey. Keep reading to find out!

I was very fearful of trying Kettlebells because of my weak back and pain I had experienced. Lauren explained how it can strengthen my back so I took a private class with Lauren a few months before becoming pregnant with my second child and began using her Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells volume 1 kettlebell DVD. During my second pregnancy, I did not suffer from lower back pain. After my second baby was born (and yes, another c-section) I decided I would shed the weight by doing kettlebell fitness classes.

I kept telling Lauren I was fearful of using heavier weights because I didn’t want to “bulk up” and I was still being very cautious in regards to my “weak back.” After using kettlebells diligently 3-5 times a week for a year now I can see that my body is much leaner and I finally have defined muscles (which I have never had before) but absolutely no “bulkiness.” My back is so much stronger than it used to be as is my core.

3 C sections later and I’m now stronger and leaner and in the best shape of my life. ’”

Robyn Josephs Sacks is now a kettlebell fitness instructor and teaches classes in the Fresno area. You can email her here to check out her classes. She became KEFI certified under a 2 day intensive instructor course I taught. More info on that as I plan on certifying many more inspiring people.

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