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Am I Making a Big Mistake?

3 years ago my dream came true. I released a gym that people all over the world can access to any time of day and from every device, computer, TV, you name it. I have many of the same founding members from 3 years ago still happy as a clam seeing incredible life changing results being apart of Lauren's Playground. (If you're reading this now we will be re-opening our doors in October  2019 for a few days) Make sure you don't miss out on our announcement by signing up for our newsletter to receive free workouts, inspiration, and special discounts that the public doesn't get access to.)

In just a few days I've made the decision to not accept new members all of the time. This way I can focus on all of the current members and the new members coming in, before I close down open registration. I will re-open again in October.

NOTE: All of the prices currently listed will not be available moving forward when I re-open registration in the future. The value of the lifetime will also be increasing since naturally we will be adding much more content! All prices will go up next round of open registration.
So if you know of someone who absolutely needs community and solid fitness education, videos, programs, guidance, connection wherever they go, you may want to share the news or take advantage of this opportunity so you or your loved ones can get in and avoid the price going up in the future.

We have 3 options! 

1. Monthly option - cancel any time. - get your feet wet.

2. Yearly option - better deal - Jump in and commit

Link for above 2 options here

3. Playground Lifetime #warrior - Lifetime sale option.

Playground #warrior  here

Looking forward to meeting many of the new members making the commitment to their health and well being. We will be closing registration in days!

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions.


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