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Kettlebell Fitness and Nutrition Bootcamp - 6 Weeks


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The kick in the rear you just might need to get in gear! The kettlebell fitness and nutrition bootcamp you can do from your home or local gym. The bootcamp where you'll have people cheering for you and expecting you to show up. The bootcamp where you'll also receive some one on one time with Lauren Brooks to put you on the right path!

A few questions for you before you skip to the fun stuff. Do you have a hard time getting motivated or sticking to your workouts? Do you ever find yourself stuck in a rut and getting no where? Or do you simply just want to be told what to do and be EXPECTED to do it or else? Or maybe you just don't know how to get started or what to do to reach your dream goals? Maybe you're looking for a challenge with other people that you can interact with? Are you READY to make a change once and for all?

If you have answered YES to any of the questions above this will be just the recipe for what you need. Whether you're brand new to the concept of kettlebell training or have been using them for quite some time, this 6 week bootcamp will take all of the guess work away from you.

Over the last 12 years I've filmed hundreds of workout videos and created numerous programs that have been tested by people from all walks of life, all fitness levels and have down right worked! I've also tested out certain orders of the programs and workouts I've developed with a mix and match method on hundreds of people. Depending on their level, I hand select just the right workouts for them in a very SPECIFIC order. This has taken things to the next level and beyond. Rather than re-inventing the wheel I will be HAND SELECTING a workout video (follow along style) that I've already tested out numerous times, from one from my DVDs, a workout from the playground or from my collection. 

Here's the kicker. I will be giving you a workout on Monday morning or late Sunday night depending on your time zone. Then within 48 hours it will disappear. You will be expected to complete the workout I give you (which will be appropriate for YOUR level). You'll have 2 days to complete it. If it's slightly on the longer side for example 45 minutes, you can do half one day and half the next day. Or half in the morning and the other half in the evening. Every other day you will receive another workout to do on the platform. You'll be able to access it from any device - phone, computer, iPad, stream it to a large screen. We are in the age of technology.

If you've been following me for many years and own most of my videos and you're in Lauren's Playground, chances are you may come across a video or two you've done in the past. So how will it be different for you, you ask? Each day that I provide you a hand selected workout, I will also be posting a video in the private Bootcamp group of what I'd like you to be focusing and honing in on. Next, you will have never done the hand selected workouts in the order that I'll be giving you. There is a method to the madness. Also, you'll have to complete the workout within 48 hours or it disappears and you fall behind. For example Monday's workout will be gone by Wednesday. Wednesday's workout will be gone by Friday and so forth. The group will be expecting you to check in once you're finished with the completed workout.

Each week there will be a NUTRITION CHALLENGE. You simply can't expect to make significant changes if you're not willing to change your nutrition habits. Each week the nutrition challenge will be a very REASONABLE request. I will not be asking you to lower your caloric intake to dangerous levels or do some weird extreme cleanse. If you're in to that, cool, but as a Clinical Nutritionist who has helped hundreds of people get their nutrition habits in check, these will be lifestyle changes.

Here's an example of what Week One's challenge may look like. Week 1 - Cut out Added Sugar - This means sugary drinks (includes juice), sweetened milks, even plant based milks, sugary bars and cereals. Good news is if you have a sugar craving reaching for dark cherries, strawberries, blueberries, pears and a scoop of peanut butter will take that away. Here is a recipe that you can make that literally will take your sugar craving away from you. This will be inside the Bootcamp group of course!

6 Week Kettlebell Fitness & Nutrition Bootcamp




Why join the Bootcamp? What will you receive? Who is this for?

Expectations and FAQ's

1. You will receive a private twenty minute coaching call to discuss your short and long term goals, injuries, challenges and limitations. This will also be how we will place you in the specific Bootcamp workout level.

2. You will have access to 3 video workouts per week and 1 Bonus workout for YOUR FITNESS LEVEL. You will be expected to complete 3 workouts per week and you will have 48 hours to complete each one until it disappears. 24 workouts total!

3. You will have the opportunity to receive form and technique help with a video submission. This will be either in a group setting or can be sent privately to my email box. 

4. You will be highly encouraged to participate in the private Bootcamp Facebook group by checking in when you complete a workout, sharing when you conquered a nutrition challenge, and being a support system for others. We know you have a busy life, so this will not be required but highly encouraged and will keep you more accountable to your 6 week commitment. 

5. If you have travel plans throughout this 6 week time frame, I will make sure you have access to travel workouts during this time. Traveling will not be an excuse for not completing your scheduled workouts. 

6. Each week there will be a Nutrition Challenge to work on changing one habit at a time. 

7. Documenting your goals. If you have physique goals you will need to take a photo of yourself and measurements. If you have a strength goal you'll need to test yourself in that specific strength element and then retest after the 6 weeks is over. 

8. Each person will have a Questionnaire to fill out and email back to me. If you sign up after the Bootcamp is full, I will give you a full refund and give you the option to be on the 2019 Bootcamp waiting list. 

9. I will be posting live and pre-recorded videos to discuss the focus of each workout. This way you have an intention and you understand the WHY as to why I've chosen the specific workout for your level.

10. You will be expected to work hard and have FUN! There will be prizes for people towards the end based on participation and workout completion!

RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT for your fitness level

KETTLEBELL FITNESS BEGINNERS 1 - new to fitness and feel weak.  - Minimum 1 Kettlebell 4kg (10lb), 6kg (14lb) or/and 8kg (18lb)

KETTLEBELL FITNESS BEGINNERS 2 - Not new to fitness and have some strength - Minimum 1 Kettlebell 6kg (14lb), 8kg (18lb) 10kg (22lb) and/or 12kg (26lb)

KETTLEBELL FITNESS INTERMEDIATE 1 - By now you may have the smaller bells. Such as 8kg(18lb) and 12 kg (26lb). You may want to invest in a 16kg (35lb) and a 20kg (44lb) if you don't already have these sizes. You will also want to think about another 12kg for a double workout.

KETTLEBELL FITNESS INTERMEDIATE 2 - The beginner bells plus some heavier sizes such as a 24kg and another 12kg for a double workout.

KETTLEBELL FITNESS ADVANCE STUDENT - An array of heavier bells and/or double bells depending on your size

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT that will be helpful but NOT required!

- Suspension Trainer such as a Jungle Gym or TRX

Intermediate/Advanced - If you plan on traveling the workout backpack EmPack - 10% off code: EMPOWER



Spots are already going!


EARLY BIRD MEMBERS OF LAUREN'S PLAYGROUND RECEIVE AN EXTRA $50 OFF FOR A TOTAL OF $125 OFF - Members email me for your discount code. Your discount code will also be shown inside the Playground group. You must be a current member to use this discount. If you were thinking about becoming a member it's not too late. 
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If we reach the capacity you can pre-register for the January 2019 - 6 Week Bootcamp. 
Price will go up for the next one.


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