CONFESSION #7 : I had just had my 2nd baby, via Cesarean, 6 months prior in these photos. I was breastfeeding, a career woman and running around after a 2 year old.

I was adamant about getting UBSC Vol. 2, the follow up DVD to Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells, out to the masses. People were emailing me all over the world asking me when the next video was coming. The pressure was on!

I couldn’t believe that the first offering of UBSC Vol 1 and Baby Bells was taken so well, that people would actually be asking me to keep making more.

In the beginning, I was warned not to make a DVD since I knew zero about marketing. I was advised to start small. God had different plans for me.

9 years ago I had the honor of sharing the stage with 2 super powerful women who also happened to be my students. The inspiring Della Whelchel - Mother of 5 and Model/yogj, now Mom of 2, Emily Aguilar.

We had a lovely film crew of 7 and that was sweating bullets in the 95 degree heat watching us train. I was literally pumping milk during breaks. The ground we were filming on, was a rock garden! Not the smartest choice of spots, but I was determined to have an outdoor location that was beautiful and open. It was a brutally long and hard day of filming. These ladies were super women! 💕

Looking back it was worth it! It brought Kettlebell education to people’s homes who didn’t have a coach near by, the time or money to go to a gym, created efficiency that brought short Workouts of strength and conditioning. Knowing it was a game changer for everyone, made it all worth it.

My confession: I was miserable much of the time due to the heat, boobs hurting from the milk, core from 2 - C-sections wasn’t healed yet & fully functioning. It was HARD! But guess what? We can do hard things! Hard doesn’t scare us.

If you haven’t tried Kettlebell fitness you have nothing to fear! Start with a beginner program. I happened to have a few to choose from. Happy to help guide you where to start if you wanna send me a Where do I begin?. Or you can see some of the beginner friendly programs we have right here

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