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The Ultimate Get Up Guide - Your Guide To a Super Strong Body

Welcome to the most comprehensive Get Up Guide you’ll ever get your hands on. This is your bible to mastering the Get Up. I’ve broken this exercise down into mini, bite-sized pieces so that you can digest them, enabling you to create a beautiful, flowing Get Up. If you’re reading this right now, I’m guessing you already know the wonderful benefits of mastering this exercise. In case you don’t know, here are a few testimonials below people have shared about adding Get Ups to their regimen:

The Ultimate Get Up Guide

Designed for the complete beginner and strong enough for the most advanced student
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40 Workout Video Tutorials
6 Weeks of Get Up Practice sessions with detailed video tutorials.
6 Weeks of Cross Training Exercises - Video Tutorials.
Downloadable written program for each week.

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“I find the Turkish Get Up to be meditative as well as physically challenging. It forces me to slow down my breath, raise the consciousness of my body, and believe in myself. It also helps me notice what parts of my body need more attention for strength-building. I actually like the descent of the TGU best, as I really turn inward while slowwwwly laying back down flat. That last motion, from elbow to shoulder, is something I'm currently working on improving.​ H. Lapidus 

“I have found the TGU to be an amazing exercise for getting my mind and body working together. There are so many working parts going on that the synergism of each muscle and the brain is paramount. Love it!”​ P. Wood

“Years ago when a lifter, sought out to be taught by the “old time “ masters of strength, the master would first have the student train with TGU’s. Even back then they knew the benefits acquired by performing a technically sound TGU. It applies stress to the body in all the planes (sagittal, frontal, transverse)
It works not only qualities of strength, but also stability, mobility, joint integrity, and kinetic awareness. There is also an offset load component by holding the load in one hand, which really fires up the nervous system. Real important in Real Life. And think about it, if we can get off the floor with a good size kettlebell in one hand, how much easier it will be to get off the floor when we get older. Especially when you’ve coached some seventy- and eighty-year-olds to get off the floor themselves. That’s freedom. 
​ ” @coachbc 

Get Ups help my grip, my upper back, glutes and obliques. I make sure to do them at least four times a week. I remember, Lauren, that you spoke several years ago about how when you first started with kettlebells you could not do a TGU even though you were physically fit. At age 51, I want to be able to get up from the floor easily, and I can, in large part, because of TGUs. They help me to keep my torso stable when sitting and walking and because my grip is strong, I can carry things pretty easily.” @hamorah67 

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"Just did Week 1, workout 1 of the new Getup program and wow, I needed that!!! I never fully got my lat to engage while the kb is overhead until today going through the #3 and #4 Getup exercises. Something about the cues and seeing Lauren engage her lat finally broke through and wow, what a difference that makes! I've never gone heavy with getups but I think I will be able to if I make it through this program. Will be continuing with this program for sure!" M. Collins


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