Kettlebells are my MIRACLE

I’m SO very thankful for this clunk of iron in my hand that I met almost 15 years ago. This iron with a handle on it, literally changed my life forever! It’s responsible for changing and improving peoples lives beyond imagination. This here we call a “Kettlebell” is one of the best things that ever happened to workouts for both body and mind!

Kettlebells opened the door to unconventional body weight training. It’s truly just an extension of your body. The Kettlebell philosophy allowed me to shift my “conventional” ways of training body parts separately, to a collective and seamless unit, of full body training.
Kettlebell training opened my eyes on how to actually use my entire body as one unit.
This game changer taught REAL strength, power, mental stamina, purposeful training and conditioning.
This little heavy clunk of iron shaped my body in half of the time I was putting in the gym.
Kettlebells allowed me to take the walls off from the gym and go outside. It gave me my FREEDOM back!
Kettlebells allowed me to train during my pregnancies and recover like no ones business from C-sections.
Kettlebells are my miracle!
This type of training has made an athlete out of “non-athletic” people. Today I’m honoring the Kettlebell and thanking anyone and everyone who helped open the door to the intricate details of the most well rounded tool I’ve had the privilege of both using and teaching. I’ve dedicated my life to teach this to everyone and anyone who wants what Kettlebell type training offers.
Most of all I’m thankful for all of you. All of you who continue to learn this from and with me and are apart of our wonderful community. 💕🙏🏼❤️

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