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Nutritional Therapy - Digestive Health

How is your digestive health? Do you struggle with food? Digestion? You'd be surprised which foods can be causing you horrible symptoms such as brain fog, bloating, joint pain, flu like symptoms, acne,  lethargy. Paige Reagan is sharing some of the most cutting edge information about digestion. In fact she's been through it all! Read about Paige below!

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Nutritional Therapy with Paige Reagan 

A holistically focused community outreach initiative that will empower you to optimize your own health through a properly prepared, nutrient dense, whole-foods diet.

In this section you will find new cutting edge articles as well as recipes that will be derived from whole foods.



I’m Paige Reagan, and like you, I am a member of Lauren’s kettlebell community. Late one night in 2012 while desperately surfing the internet trying to find a better way to exercise, I discovered kettlebells and Lauren’s DVD, “The Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning With Kettlebells”, Volume 1. Three days later I attempted my first workout with the DVD and my new kettlebell. My endurance and form were seriously lacking and I could only complete about 90 seconds of the 12-minute Fat Blast but I was hooked! Within 6 weeks I started to see positive changes in my body composition, which fueled my desire to learn more. I scheduled private consultations with Lauren to improve my digestion and she designed nutrition and training programs to specifically help me reach my goals. I continued to get significantly stronger until an unfortunate skateboarding accident in 2013 that resulted in a serious elbow break and tricep tear. Although I did not need surgery, my doctors told me that I would never straighten my arm or be able to swing a kettlebell again. From 3,000 miles away, Lauren was able to help me rehabilitate my arm and regain full strength and mobility. I defied the medical odds and was extremely grateful for Lauren’s knowledge.

The Long Road

I wish I could say that I regained my strength and never looked back but unfortunately my elbow was only the beginning of a long string of injuries and other health issues that have made it difficult for me to train consistently. Although my digestive issues had been relatively stable for some time, they started to become increasingly worse making it nearly impossible to eat. I was suffering from debilitating migraines once or twice a week and had cystic acne that was so bad that I would cancel plans with friends and family. Despite exercising, I had increasing joint pain and was experiencing flu-like symptoms in the evenings. The tests that the medical doctors ran were expensive, unpleasant, and came back with results indicating that I was healthy and fine. In fact, the last doctor that I saw for my digestives issues told me that I had a stressful job and he gave me a prescription for Xanax because he thought that I was depressed and anxious! I knew then that I was only going to get better if I took responsibility for my own health. So, I started by joining the first Winner’s Circle that Lauren offered in 2016 as a way to commit to moving every day, even when injured and feeling unwell. I was also fortunate enough to find a local wellness center that had a naturopathic nutritionist on site. After weeks of tests and assessments, I learned that I had almost 20 food allergies/hypersensitivities, including allergies to wheat and gluten, severe leaky gut syndrome, a pathogenic intestinal bacteria, and 2 genetic disorders that were causing issues with my blood sugar and cholesterolI was overwhelmed with the diagnoses but felt validated and empowered to make positive changes.

The nutritionist overhauled my diet and recommended supplements to heal my gut. Within a week, my digestive symptoms improved and the weekly migraines and the daily joint pain and flu-like symptoms disappeared. Within 2 months, the acne completely resolved and even the scarring cleared. I regained enough strength to train regularly again and even attended the workshops that Lauren held in Charlotte and Philadelphia. Not only did I have the opportunity to meet and connect with so many of the people who have been in this incredible community with me since I first started, but I also obtained my certification in April, which is something that I thought would never be possible given my health situation. The road to recovery has not been easy, and at times it seems that there have been more setbacks than
progress. But overall, it has taught me a lot about myself and has made me a stronger person as a result.

So Why Are You Here in Lauren’s Playground?

Over the course of my journey to better health I have met so many people who struggle daily with medical issues of their own. Not only are they frustrated by the care they are receiving but they are also concerned with all of the prescribed medications and their side effects. I have worked in the pharmaceutical industry in clinical drug development since graduating college so I have been involved for almost 20 years in evaluating drug safety and analyzing adverse side effects. Although I believe that there will always be a time and place for pharmaceutical medicines, I know from my own experience that there are other promising ways to regain your health that don’t involve prescriptions and your local pharmacy. I want to share what I have learned but more importantly I want to be a credible resource. So in April, I took another leap of faith and enrolled in a certification program through the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA) to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP).

A NTP is a nutritional therapist certified by the NTA to evaluate nutritional needs and make recommendations for dietary changes, helping clients to balance body chemistry and achieve optimal wellness. The certification is an intense, 9-month program that consists of online science-based coursework, extensive reading, quizzes, essays, book reviews, and other miscellaneous assignments such as recipe development. There are 3 mandatory, extended weekend workshops where students learn the functional evaluation and lingual-neural testing, which are the clinical evaluation tools that a NTP uses to identify and assess nutritional deficiencies. In addition, students are required to have several practice clients for the duration of the course and must also complete a community outreach project.

And this is why I am here! Lauren is graciously allowing me to use her space in the Playground to create a course that is dedicated to providing information related to nutritional therapy. This will not only help me to complete a key requirement of my certification but more importantly, it will give me a place to provide nutritional information to a community of people with whom I share a common interest. I plan to provide articles related to the nutritional therapy foundations, with topics on digestion and ways to improve it without the use of medications and supplements; fats, including misconceptions about fats and good versus bad fats; blood sugar imbalances; food cravings; and more. I am also hoping to post some simple, nutrient-dense recipes that you can try at home.
I am beyond excited to share everything that I have learned so far and hope that it will inspire you to make positive changes that will improve your health so that you can be the best version of yourself. Thank you Lauren for your support and making this possible!!

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NEW RECIPE added to Nutritional Therapy plus Digestion articles!

CHICKEN AVOCADO BURGERS - gluten free, dairy free, nut free, paleo and keto friendly


SPICY AVOCADO MAYO - vegan, gluten free, dairy free, nut free, paleo and keto friendly

just added in the Nutritional Therapy Section of Lauren's Playground

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