Shut Up & Train with Kettlebells DVD by Lauren Brooks

The workouts you've been asking me for! 6 Workouts all under 15 minutes. 2 Discs. No more excuses can be made!

 Shut Up and Train is like no other workout you've ever experienced. It's 6 amazing quick workouts that can be done almost anywhere in less than 15 minutes. Stop making excuses and take a few minutes to go through these strength and fat loss workouts. Your energy levels will sky rocket and you may be surprised how amazing you feel. These workouts will keep you going for years. Like our popular 12 min workout on  Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells this gives you SIX to choose from. They get progressively more challenging in a very subtle way. If you're a beginner you will LOVE these workouts. If you're advanced this is your time to get your heavy load day in. Short & sweet.. results driven.... you won't even believe it yourself. Now let's stop talking so we can SHUT UP AND TRAIN!

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Christian Vegan said...

ANOTHER WINNER! I am amazed by Lauren and her KB workouts. Shut Up and Train just arrived today, and I have 2 observations:

1. I never stop being amazed by the effeciency, effectiveness and fun of the simplest KB workouts. Its the best fitness tool I've ever used.

2. I never stop being amazed by Lauren's "magic touch" with KB workouts. This dvd features everything we need for complete, extremely effective, time effecient workouts in the simplest, straightforward way. I know she said its for beginners, but that just aint necessarily so! Just "go heavier", as she's fond of saying, and your results will never end. Bravo and thank you Lauren, and Todd!