Turkish Get Up Part 2 - Mastering the sweep thru.

The Get Up 
Step 2

Here's a super simple tutorial of how to sweep your leg through ending in the proper position. You will find this exercise utilized in the popular Be SLAM program, Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning part 2 and The Kettlebell Body DVD.


Jennifer Allan said...

This is fortuitously timed. I just started being comfortable doing the half get up and was wondering how to finish the move. When does the updated Kettlebell Body come out? (LOVE KB Body by the way!)

Lauren said...

Hi Jennifer, Kettlebell Body is out now. We have another DVD on the way. Our 8th one which will include lots of great Get Up work. Look out for Kettlebell Revelation™. However, Kettlebell Body is out and here on our site!