Kettlebell (Kettle Ball Parody) - STOP the Madness and Get Educated

Too many folks are learning kettlebells the WRONG way and will use toning shoes and plastic surgery to try and get a quick fix. Ladies you won't get bulky using heavy kettlebells! 

If that wasn't funny enough for you, here is a sequel of the "Kettle Ball Trainer" teaching 5 cool moves.  Warning: Don't try this at home

5 Great Kettlebell Moves You're Not Doing - Not!!  STOP THE MADNESS!

"Kettle Ball Trainer" played by Frank Addelia. Uneducated Plastic enhanced Kettle Ball Students Lola (blonde) played by RKC Team Leader Lauren Brooks and Mindy (brown curly) played by RKC 2 Melody Schoenfeld. Filmed/Edited by STOP THE MADNESS and get with a REAL trainer and get educated!!!! Melody and Lauren


Gabby Eborall said...

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! That was you guys!?!...Bah hah hah hah hah ha!! I saw this a few days ago and could not stop laughing. Sadly, I've seen similar you tube garbage that wasn't meant as a joke (not including the booty bell move, yikes). Yes, please, stop the madness!

Lauren said...

Yes ma'am Gabby! As ashamed as I am to admit it, yes that was us. ;-). It had to be done my friend!

Karyn said...

Bahahahah. How did I miss this?!? Too funny!

Mahda16 said...

I LOVE this one!!!!! Has anyone seen the you tube of the "trainer's" kettlebell swing?

Krystal said...

That. Was. Awesome!

I love the whole, "That's what Jillian said" comment. Bwahahaha!