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Karyn's Transformation after THREE kids

For the last couple years I have had the honor of working with Karyn Randolph from a distance.  I am amazed with her transformation.  Karyn not only has proven that a mother of 3 young kids can achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle, but she has also been able to take her training to a whole new level.  She is stronger, leaner, and healthier now than she has ever been!  I received this latest email from Karyn.

Hi Lauren,
 I have been meaning to send you a little update for some time now.  Since 2009 your videos have taken me from a beginner with no experience and almost 30 pounds overweight, to in shape and maintaining 120 pounds and stronger than ever. I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been. I am not sure what to say except THANK YOU!!

Thanks to your help with the food plan I was able to finally kick the afternoon Dr. Pepper and candy bar habit. I have learned that I really can take it or leave it with the morning snack, but I MUST have a healthy snack in the afternoon or I will reach for anything in site and it won't be healthy. In case I forget my snack I keep 3 pre-measured servings of protein shake in a baby formula storage container in my purse. In a pinch I can shake up a serving or two with cold water and I'm good to go.

You set such an example for all of us by walking the walk and practicing what you preach every day. It was your photo on your blog in June 2009 holding your kids that inspired me to order your video. Here we are almost two years later and I rarely miss a workout. Lucky for me every time I get bored you put out a new video that is harder than the last.

I attached a few "body by Lauren" photos for you :) It was taken when I started my kettlebell adventure in June 09 and I was 147 lbs.

I am hoping some day to show up for another butt kicking in your back yard!

Take care and I hope all is wonderful for you and your super cute family.


Karyn has been so dedicated and inspiring I asked her to share her story.  You can read it below.  I hope you are able to share this with a special woman in your life. 


Karyn's Transformation Story  

In April of 2009 three months after giving birth to my third son I was 32 years old and I weighed 147 pounds. I was shocked when I saw the scale. I knew I wanted to get back into shape, but I was overwhelmed. My weight prior to my first pregnancy was 115 pounds. With three kids where would I find the time? After my first two pregnancies I spent countless hours on the elliptical and treadmill. I was what I now refer to as “fat skinny”. I would lose weight to around 126 pounds but I didn’t want to be in a bathing suit ever. I was not tone and I had no muscle definition.

My brother Kevin tried to get me to try kettlebells in 2006 after baby # 2. I tried it once and told him the kettlebell was stupid and I wasn’t going to do it.  I avoided it because he lived in another state and I didn’t feel like I knew how to properly perform the exercises.  In 2009 he talked me into it again. He convinced me that I could work out in half the time I spent on the treadmill and I would lose more weight, and build muscle.  He said, “look up the swing and the dead lift on Youtube and call me to see if the person has good form.” I looked at all the “buff” kettlebell men on Youtube and wondered if I was going to look like Arnold, and then I stumbled upon Lauren Brooks. She had a six week postpartum photo on her blog from March 2009, and her two youngest babies were close to the same age as my two youngest, but she had a six pack. I was inspired! I watched all her Youtube videos and was given the okay by my brother.  Her form was perfect.  I remember staying up half the night reading her blog.

I ordered Volume 1 of Lauren’s DVD. One of my problems was my addiction to sugar and baked goods. I immediately started implementing her blog recipes for different muffins and pancakes into my diet. I also began drinking her smoothie recipe every morning using Fit365 shakes. 

I began with the 11 minute video and an 18 lb. kettlebell. As soon as I could finish the video and keep up, I doubled it and did 22 minutes per day. By then end of April I was down to 140 pounds. By the end of July I was down to 136 pounds. I was not as serious about clean eating as I could have been, and my workouts were inconsistent due to lack of sleep and juggling life with my three boys and one step-daughter.

On September 7th I decided to clean up my diet and workout regularly. I made it a goal to do the 40 minute video every Monday, Wednesday and Friday without fail. Sometimes this meant training at 11:00 pm, but I didn’t quit.  From September 7th to November 2nd, I dropped from 136 down to 126.  I cut out all white flour, sugar, and fast food and I limited my dairy. By this time I had many people asking me what I was doing. The results were noticeable! I took Lauren’s beginning kettlebell workshop in November of 2009 to make sure my form was correct, and I started sharing kettlebells with everyone I could. I was in great shape, even after three kids. It was around this time that Lauren released her Volume 2 DVD. I was completely addicted to kettlebells and loved the fact that I could squeeze in three forty minute workouts and still see results. I had joined gym after gym in my twenties and never saw results from weight machines or aerobics classes. I would always quit because I never saw results!

I continued my kettlebell training and in September 2010 I went through the HKC Certification. I was between 122 and 125 pounds. I wanted to get down to 120, and I wanted to quit my afternoon Dr. Pepper and York Peppermint Pattie habit. With the exception of that, my diet was pretty clean, but my afternoon crash always led me to caffeine and sugar. I contacted Lauren regarding a nutrition program and was able to eliminate the caffeine and sugar from my diet. The key for me is always having an afternoon snack on hand. I usually eat 5-6 small meals per day as she suggested and I am never hungry! I plan all meals ahead I pack a cooler on work days.

Lauren’s videos have taken me from a beginner with no experience and almost 30 pounds overweight, to in shape, maintaining 120 pounds, and stronger and healthier than I  have ever been.  I rarely miss a workout and I am back down to the size 2 I wore before having three kids.  


Karyn Randolph
HKC Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor
Marysville, Ca.

Photo's taken by Melissa check her out at

If you live near Marysville I highly suggest you check out her kettlebell classes.  Karyn has my highest recommendation not only as a teacher but someone who can motivate you to accomplish your goals.  Thank you so much Karyn for sharing your experience with the world.  It's all about inspiring one person at a time to make a life change!


Carrie I. said…
Wow, your story is really amazing, Karyn!
Carrie I. said…
Wow, your story is really amazing, Karyn!
Pensguys said…
AMAZING!!!! You are such an inspiration!!! Can you tell me what you eat when you say clean eating?
Unknown said…
Go Karyn! What an inspiring story! You look so amazing...Love those Kettlebells :)
Jennifer said…
I wish I lived nearby to take your classes. You look amazing.
cg sunita said…

Congrats to you..

I am Sunita from Singapore.
I believe anything is achievable with the correct mind set.

I had shed altogether 20 kg by doing Kettlebell workouts and changing my I am stronger and fitter than I was before I even got married 10 yrs ago..

I encourage those busy moms put there to try out Kettlebell workout and I'm sure you will love it..
songs415 said…
Karyn, You are an inspiration!
Kelli said…
I needed that today, thank you for the inspiration. I have been working out with kettlebells for 2 months, 3 days a week, and I haven't noticed any weight change. I do have more energy though. I have 4 kids and I'd love to be a good example for them. Any good advice for those that don't lose easily?
Gina said…
Wow!! I need to kick the sugar and baked goods habit, as I write I'm sipping a soda...UGH! I have 2 small boys and want to get back to my old 125lb self, this 140lb version is the pits!
I have all of Lauren's videos, I follwed Baby Bellz up until I was 34weeks with my last son. I now keep hounding hubby to install a X-Mount in my workout area so I can follow the TRX/KB version of the latest DVD!
Monifah DK said…
Amazing story!!! Love to read how dedicated you were/are, it also takes a lot of willpower to continue doing the same workout many times a week for many months! I just wondered when you started upping your kbell weights?? Anyway, congrats on your jouney, you look fanatastic!!

BR Monifah
Luda said…
Hi Lauren!

Thank you so much for such a great story.
I bought a 35lb Kettlebell and after studying your video carefully, I performed some swings.
Now, 2 days after, my lower back hurts a bit... It's a but sore.
I am about 40lb overweight.
Should I have started with a lighter kettlebell? Or should I just continue doing it and it will go away?

Thank you so much!


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