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Can Water Actually Change Your Life?

Water has actually changed my life.  Not just any water.  Friends and family who know me well, know that I am a pretty big skeptic.  Thanks to the way that I was raised, I have always been someone who needs substantial evidence in order to believe in something.  Through the years my thinking hasn’t changed that much.  Unless I see proof thru scientific studies, there is no way that I will believe just anything.

When I was studying to be a Clinical Nutritionist, I really got a chance to learn how important it is for our bodies to maintain a balanced pH level.  Normally our blood is slightly alkaline and ranges between 7.35-7.45.  The Alkaline Diet Theory believes that a diet high in acidic foods promotes the loss of essential minerals, which can cause illness and disease.  During my program we were given pH strips and told to regularly test our saliva and urine.  As I incorporated more alkaline foods into my diet, my pH levels got higher.  I felt more energetic and decided to continue to stick to more of an alkaline based diet, which included taking my Greens daily.

I want to tell you about my recent experiences with Alkaline Ionized Water.  I will start with my husband who, in a three year time span, I had to rush to the emergency room close to 50 times with severe stomach pain.  He often experienced excessive bleeding and intestinal spasms that would leave him lying on the floor writhing in pain.  For the longest time no doctor could truly figure out what was happening and why he was experiencing so much pain.  After multiple x-rays, CAT scans, endoscopies and extended hospital stays they discovered some ulcers in his colon and therefore diagnosed him with ulcerative colitis.  This, however, still didn’t explain the severe pain and discomfort that could only be alleviated through intravenous injections of a powerful narcotic.  Morphine wasn’t even strong enough!  He had to be given Dilaudid (8-10 times stronger than Morphine), which was originally used as a medical replacement for heroin.  I don’t want to go into too much detail about the side effects of frequently taking such a powerful and addicting narcotic, but needless to say it was an extremely rough time for our whole family. (For those who have been following my blog, know the story)

Thankfully this past year things have been much better.  We eliminated most dairy and gluten products from our diet, except for some sprouted grains.  His stomach attacks became less frequent, but he would still suffer from tremendous pain a few times a month.  He was, however, able to tough it out at home by staying in bed for one to two days with different medications.

A little over a year ago my really good friend Elise Badone, Muscle Activation Technique, Personal Trainer and owner of Soulfit, told me that she had spent a small fortune on an alkaline water system.  Initially my mouth dropped when she told me, but after hearing the great success that she and her family experienced I couldn’t help but want to try it for myself.  Elise told me that she and her husband immediately experienced a surge of energy within days of drinking the water.  The biggest success, however, was with her 18 month old daughter who had been suffering from a severe kidney/bladder reflux that caused infections.  The doctors told Elise that they would most likely have to perform an invasive kidney surgery if the antibiotics continued to not work.  She couldn’t stand seeing her daughter suffer even more thanks to the side effects from all of the antibiotics that she was taking.  She took a chance and took her daughter off of the medications all together.  Elise started her on a low dose of the alkaline water and eliminated all sugar from her diet.  The Alkaline water stopped the kidney infection almost immediately.  Two months later Elise took her to the doctor for a check-up.  The doctors could not believe that not only was her infection completely gone but that she had done it without any of the antibiotics.  It was truly a miracle.

Being the skeptic that I am, I still wasn’t convinced.  Elise and her husband consistently filled up gallons of water and brought them to our house so that we could try for ourselves.  Unfortunately, I was pregnant with my second daughter at the time so I wasn’t really able to give it a fair chance.  My husband wasn’t convinced at all and therefore didn’t drink the water on a regular enough basis.  They stopped bringing us the water after a few weeks when we told them that we would give it another try after things settled down.

Fast forward to a year later and a new friend of mine started talking to me about alkaline water.  This time when she told me the price, my mouth didn’t drop.  For some reason it sounded much more reasonable and like something that we could actually afford.  She offered to let us borrow a machine for a few months.  How could I turn that down?  Especially since the water could possibly keep my husband from spending days in bed in pain a few times a month.

For over ten years, I have been drinking reverse osmosis water thinking that it’s extremely healthy.  It definitely tastes really good, but I was shocked after we tested it and found out where it falls on the chart as far as its pH levels.  It turns out the pH level for reverse osmosis water is 4.0, which essentially means that it’s 1000 times more acidic than alkaline water.  I also had the opportunity to test many different well-known water bottle brands, which all had shockingly low pH levels as well.  Soda comes out at a 3.0, which was the lowest of anything we tested.  No wonder those who drink soda generally suffer from terrible health problems such as migraines, chronic fatigue, heartburn, and calcium depleted bones just to name a few.  After I saw these results I knew it was time for a change.

For two months we religiously used the alkaline water machine.  We took water with us everywhere we went.  If we went out to eat, we would first fill up a large water bottle for the meal.  Anytime we would be gone from the house for a significant amount of time, we took at least one large bottle of alkaline water with us.  Guess how many stomach attacks my husband had during those two months?  That’s right, zero!  Not to mention the fact that his overall digestion, my digestion, and our kids’ digestions have all improved.  I can’t begin to tell you how happy I feel knowing that after years of searching for an answer, we have finally found one.  My husband has lost between 5-10 pounds without changing any other aspect of his life.  I no longer experience bloating like I used to.  The benefits seem endless.  So, of course, we took the plunge and bought our own machine!  Now I just want everyone to experience the same positive, life changing occurrences that we have experienced.

How to Get your Hands on this Water!

To find out more information about the Alkaline Water system visit the On The Edge Fitness associated Ion Ways page right here.  I own the Athena and I love it! Again, this water works for many people I personally know and this is based on my own experiences.  Before making the decision to have this water I suggest you do your research and make your own analysis.   Many people wince when they find out what the price is.  Here is a little breakdown that has actually shown how much you can save over the years with having a water filtration or ionizer in your home.

If you want to learn The Truth about Bottled Water, you can view a more recent article here

I’m so passionate that you will love this water that for a limited time I am giving away a $50 Gift Card to On The Edge Fitness when you purchase the Alkaline Ionized Water system through the above link.  If you need to speak to someone and want to ask lots of questions about the water, you can email me and I’ll put you in touch with an extremely knowledgeable water technician.  If you are not happy with the water, you have 14 days to return it for a full refund.

Also check out this Magnesium Oil that has helped with migraines, better sleep, fat loss, hormone optimization, and so many other ailments.


Anonymous said…
Is there a portable water alkalizing device you would recommend?
Lauren Brooks said…

The one I have is an Athena. The Athena can actually be taken with you wherever you go. You can hook it up to your hotel sink very easily. As of now I just bring a gallon of water if I go somewhere for the day. But if I go somewhere for the weekend, I will definitely be taking the machine with me! Let me know if you have any other questions!
Diana said…
While it is pricey for sure, but when you look into how much cash you drop for medical bills-it may be worth it.
I have some bad IBS from time to time and to not be curled up into a fetal position with extreme stomach pains would be a welcome relief!
Nice info....something to think about.
Lauren Brooks said…

I agree completely. This water will actually save us so much money in the long run. Not only will we never need to purchase bottle water again, but it is going to save us thousands in medical bills, and hopefully will continue to improve the quality our life. I don't think you can put a price on health and longevity. ;-)
Richard said…
Could you expand on the actual mechanism by which the alkaline water acts? The pH of the human stomach, when containing no food, can be as low as 1 so unless the water is extremely alkaline, which would be problematic for digestion in its own right, I don't understand how it can be making so much difference?
Lauren Brooks said…
Hi Richard,

Good question. Here it goes concerning the water mechanism. This was the response from Karen Kean, who is the person in charge of educating people about this particular water machine.

"The biggest factor of the machine is the ORP - the Oxidation reduction Potential The negative ions we drink straight from Athena measure round -800 a freshly squeezed orange only provides us with round -200 (same as wheat grass) These negative ions are liquid anti-oxidants without the calories!
When the water goes thru the machine and splits it when this occurs H+ is removed leaving us with extra oxygen in the water - again awesome for those in training! AT the same time the negative ions help flush the lactic acid out of the body for faster recovery!
Because the water is micro clustered it is being absorbed almost immediately and is hydrating us 6 time more effectively than regular tap of bottled water - this water seldom gets to the stomach! Try it drink a glass and jump up and down - no jiggling in the belly. There is a specific demonstration using a tea bag, that demonstrates how the smaller sized molecules are absorbed more readily into our blood stream! (Our blood is 90% water)

Hope this helps Richard. There is so much other information we can send you over if you have questions. Feel free to email me!
Anonymous said…
Hi Lauren,

If you want to remain open-minded about the benefits of ionized water, I suggest that you and your readers check out this podcast. I don't want to say that it is all a bunch of baloney, but it might be!

Best to everyone, Julie
Lauren Brooks said…
Hi Julie,

Thanks for the link. I am a true open minded person and I read the entire article. Then I read many of the comments towards the article afterwards. There is an argument to everything in life. People argued and swore the world was flat for years just as an example. All I know is what the water has done for my husband. It has eliminated his gastrointestinal spasms and pain for the time being. He is now able to enjoy foods he hasn't had in years. We would be afraid for him to stop drinking the water. I think it may not work for some, but has really benefited working for many. Again, I'm always open minded, however, I have to thank the water for my husband being healthier than he's been in years. Is it really a coincidence?

This is the first comment I read out of the 124 comments left for the link you posted.

"I enjoy hearing the pros and cons of any subject. The first question or issue is does it work? I can say first hand that I drink Kangen water and have done so for 30 days. During this 30 days I have seen positive results in my health. I am a severe Asthmatic who used Advair twice a day plus my inhaler at least daily. After going on Kangen water I have not had to use my inhaler at all in thirty days, I am not taking Advair any longer, I have other health issues but suffice it to say the Kangen water is working in many areas of my life. I also know first hand persons who are using Kangen who have medicaly been diagnosed with cancer and after being on Kangen for a short period of time the doctors have not been able to find a trace of the cancer. Sadly Brian what I read in your article is a very biased self opinion. The water is FREE distributors will gladly give it to you at no charge so you can make an informed decision by watching what it does in your own body. Try it you might like it, then speak from personal experience. Opinions are like belly buttons remember? My EXPERIENCE is speaking for itself and I AM NOT A DISTRIBUTOR for this product or any other product I am not a MLM I am a person using the water in my life and seeing results!"

Penny, Birmingham, AL
Anonymous said…
Hi Lauren!
I am a huge kettlebellfan and I have been reading your blog for several years now. When I searched the internet for articles on ionized water, I came across this blog post and an article you published on MyMadMethods. Since it's been two years since you wrote them- can you please tell me/us if you still drink ionized water? If so- can you also please tell us you and your family's experience with it for the last two years? And if you are not using your water ionizer anymore- can you please tell me/us what made you stop?

Best regards,

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