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Changing Peoples Lives One at a Time

I often get asked by my friends and family, how do you do it Lauren?  "You never make any time for yourself.  You are either working or with your babies".   Finding time these days outside of my fitness career and family has been quite challenging.  Although I do my best to give as much quality time to my babies, I don't give much quality time to myself! But to be honest with you I enjoy what I do so much, that it's more fulfilling to me than getting my nails done or watching television.  I much rather be thinking about my next project or designing a fun workout for my classes.  I can't help it! This is just who I am.  On a side note, spending time with my friends more is something that I need to really work on.  It's just hard when most of my friends now have babies too and we have to work around nap schedules!

Every day I get inundated with emails asking me for advice regarding fitness, nutrition, or questions about my DVD's.  On the other hand, I also receive the most amazing emails of people pouring their heart out, explaining how I have inspired them and have completely changed their life! Receiving emails like that on a regular basis from people, has to be the most rewarding part of my career.  It motivates me to keep working hard to improve peoples quality of life. It amazes me how releasing my workout DVD's  have had such an impact on so many people.  I never thought in my wildest dreams that this would be so much more than just a workout.

Here are a 2 emails I received over the last few weeks.

Email Subject: A very happy client~you have changed my life! 

Hi Lauren,

My name is Theresa, and I am a 45 year old single mom (thanks to kettlebells, look 30-or so they say) living in Michigan.

I heard about you from some kind of searching I was doing on the internet about 4 months ago. Since then I've replaced working out with free weights and cardio, which allowed me to go from a size 12 to a 4 in about a year, exclusively with kettlebells.

I just worked out with your Ultimate conditioning dvd, and realized, how totally grateful I am to you for all the hard work that you have put into this. Its clear how totally dedicated you are, and I just want you to know what a source of strength and inspiration you are to me!

I am a spiritual teacher and professional psychic, and am creating a very deep spiritual path, putting it "out there," and whenever I feel overwhelmed, like "where do I start???" you are a role model that I call on, watching how through day to day dedication, in spite of being a mom with VERY young kids (mine are now 16 and 13), you continue to show up day to day for your passion. That to me is a true leader.

I'm just really grateful to you, and wanted you to know that you have touched my life in more ways than just giving me a great butt and abs (although I am eternally grateful for that-so is my fiance, lol!)

Just wanted to send love and thanks to you, and let you know that people you may never meet really appreciate the love you put into your offerings to the world!

Much love and many blessings!

Theresa M.

Email Subject: Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells

Hi Lauren,

I wanted to add my name to the huge list of your devoted followers!! I purchased your Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells Volume 1 DVD about 4 weeks ago and I am IN LOVE with this workout! I am 26 years old and have 2 children (2 1/2 years and 1 year) and have been religiously exercising since my youngest's birth. I quickly shed the "baby weight" but was not getting the tone I wanted.... until I discovered kettlebells. I ordered this DVD following the recommendation of another mom on a Mom website and I honestly can't even put into words how much I love it. I truly feel it has changed my life even in the short time I've been doing it. I am excited to workout every day. I've never been "athletic" in my life. Always been "thin" but not strong. With this DVD I can feel myself getting toned. I mainly do the 40 minute workout, and on days that i'm feeling particularly energized, I will also do the 12 minute fat blast in addition. An issue I had before was finding the time to exercise considering I'm a stay at home mom with 2 little ones. However, my kids LOVE to watch me do this workout, lol. My older child tries to mirror my moves, and it is so adorable. Anyway, I'm not sure what I can really say that you haven't heard a million times before, considering your huge fan base. But I just wanted to add my two cents ;) This is a great workout, the DVD is put together beautifully, and you and your partner (Robin Duncan) are very inspirational. I have to be honest and say that the fact that you two are mothers yourself has inspired me SO MUCH. That fact alone is part of the reason I love this DVD. I hope to purchase Volume 2 in the coming months.
Thank you for changing my life and body and inspiring me to better myself. I wish I lived in California so I could get a proper workout in person!! You have a loyal fan in me. I've been spreading the word to everyone I know about how much I love this DVD. Thank you so much :)


Here is a photo of Lindsey Dunn after 2 pregnancies with the help of my kettlebell DVD's!

These words were just written by Stacy Albright Body, a long distance nutrition counseling client of mine.  "Thanks to an amazing person named Lauren Brooks, who is also known as the Kettlebell Queen across the world and a nutritionist... In less than 4 weeks, I am 14.5 pounds lighter and 9 inches smaller!!! She taught me how to fuel my body and I am eternally grateful!!"

Stacy lost all this weight just from dietary changes designed for her lifestyle.  She didn't even start her exercise program yet.  She feels more energetic than ever and is excited to share this healthy eating with her 19  month old son and husband. 



Cristin said…
Hi Lauren! Lindsey is actually my little sister and has made a kettlebell believer out of me! I had my first child in August and pretty quickly lost the weight without really trying. Then, when my daughter was 7 months old, I quit breastfeeding and all the weight came back. This was right around the time that Lindsey discovered your DVD. After seeing her amazing results, I was inspired to pick up a bell myself. I'm just starting out, but I've already noticed a huge difference in the way I feel and even felt my abs for the first time in a long time :) I have Lindsey to thank for introducing me to this amazing workout and I can only hope to have the same awesome results!
jenniferleah said…
Lindsey is in "the Moms group" that I am a part of and she is an inspiration to all the Mama's with her fit physique and postive attitude.
Many of the Mom's there also LOVE your DVD's and you have developed quite the following. :)
I know I am one fit Mom who is jumping on the KB bandwagon~I am looking forward to trying your DVD's as well and getting a break from traditional "iron".
THanks for sharing this stories!!
Best wishes~
Lauren Brooks said…

Thanks for leaving a comment. Your sister is definitely an inspiration. I am sorry you had to go through a weight gain period after weaning. That's very frustrating! But I am glad your sister has inspired you to check out kettlebells. I'm even more glad that you are noticing results in such a short amount of time! Keep it up. I'm sure you will have great success!


I appreciate your kind words. It's been a pleasure to me to share kettlebells and a healthy lifestyle. It just makes life more fulfilling for moms and people in general. Who doesn't want to be strong, healthy, and lean? I look forward to hearing about your experiences after you try my DVD. Keep me posted!!
Anonymous said…
Hi Lauren,
I enjoyed your baby bells workout DVD while I was pregnant. My baby is now 5 months old, I work full time, and also breast feed while with baby, and pump when not. What DVD do you recommend so that I don't lose my milk supply yet get results. I've been hesitant to do anything too agressive for this very reason.
Lauren Brooks said…
Congratulations! You could start back with Vol 1 of The Ultimate Body Sculpt. You can try the short workout. That shouldn't have any effect on your supply. Gradually increase it to repeating it twice. Then you'll be ready for the 40 minute workout! I look forward to hearing about your results. Good luck!
Thanks for sharing the such information with us.This is a really good blog here and I love your style of writing.:)

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