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Michele's Amazing Pregnancy and Labor from using Kettlebells

More and more women are now being introduced to kettlebells. Which means there will be more women who will want to use them safely during their pregnancy. People are clearly seeing the benefits of how it allows the body to work more efficiently throughout labor, recovery, and builds mental stamina.

It's been almost a year since my kettlebell pregnancy DVD "Baby Bells" was released. Therefore I am now getting lots of emails from other new mommies sharing with me their appreciation for providing a no fear approach to continue with their kettlebell workouts.

Today I'd like to highlight Michele Graybeal's email/story. It's always inspiring to read these beautiful empowering real life events.

Hi Lauren,

So I wanted to write to you and tell you that I am crediting your baby bells to my amazing pregancy, labor, and recovery!

I used baby bells my entire pregnancy and did cardio too. (this was my first pregnancy) I actually did your DVD the night I went into labor so I keep telling people that your DVD put me into labor! Thank goodness it did... :) , I delivered on 01/05/2010. People are shocked I was doing that DVD at 39 almost 40 weeks, but it made me feel good to do it! My labor went so well it last 8 hours and I swear I don't even feel like I had a baby. I am up and about with no issues I feel great! Also, my belly is melting away and I am thinking I'll be back soon! As soon as I get the ok from the Dr. I am going to start up with your DVD's can't wait its killing me now because I want to do them!!

Well just thought I would let you know your videos rock keep up the awesome work!!


Michele G.

Michele also went through 8 hours of labor with no pain killers and pushed out her baby boy, who was 7 pounds 11 ounces.

Michele was able to have the mental stamina and strength she developed with her kettlebell and cardio workouts to have a beautiful labor. There is nothing better than feeling incredible immediately after going through the most intense, memorable, and emotional moment in ones life.

If you have a birth story or pregnancy story you would like to share please email me at with pictures.

Our country needs to know that it's not okay to sit on your coach during your whole pregnancy and gain 100 pounds. It's unhealthy for you and the baby, unless you have major restrictions from your doctor!!


Zorbs said…
I haven't been able to do much kettlebells during my pregnancy due to serious SI joint pain, but I still do some 1 arm swings, and a few cleans & presses..been doing more traditional weights and still running 25 kms a week at 32 weeks.

From the day I saw the positive pregnancy test, I have been so saddened that the general attitude of pregnant women is, eat for two (plus more) and sit on the couch and gain weight (because you can lose it later) - no thanks, I'd rather have the baby weight come off when the baby is born!
Ann said…
I wish I could've find you earlier. I have hard time to lose my baby fat after my son was born three years ago. When I saw kettlebells dvd ad in summer 2008 that I never heard of. I surfed google and I found you. I admitted I thought heavy kettlebells is way too heavy for me. I gave it a try and I love it! Better than wimpy 4 lbs kettlebells. LOL I almost lost my baby fat. Next time, if I'm pregnant again I will do Baby Bells DVD. Thank you! :)
Joy said…
Lauren thanks for posting this! It really does make a difference in your labor and recovery if you stay active during pregnancy.

I did as much as I could when I was pregnant, but by the end was just walking and doing a little easy yoga.

Next baby will be a Kettlebell Baby;)
Lauren Brooks said…

So sorry about your SI joint pain. I am glad you are still able to do swings, cleans, and presses. Just keeping your hip and core power is so important.

I wish you the best of luck in your upcoming third trimester. Hope you try and continue doing regimen as long as your body allows. Thanks for sharing!
Lauren Brooks said…
Hi Ann,

Glad you found kettlebells as well! Yes my daugther at 2 years, was picking up a bell heavier than 4 pounds. Your instincts were right to use something heavier. It's much more effective and worth your time.
Congratulations on losing most of the baby weight!
Lauren Brooks said…

Last few weeks can definitely get tough. Naturally a pregnant woman wants to slow down at the very end, especially since it can get uncomfortable. Walking and yoga is wonderful to do and glad you were able to continue that. Something is always better than nothing.

I'm very proud to say my healthy girls are kettlebell babies, although, the first pregnancy wasn't as much kettlebell as the second!
Anonymous said…
I always am happy to see updates on your blog, but the two most recent posts really caught my eye! I started using kettlebells four years ago and have found them to provide an extremely efficient, effective workout. People can't believe that I generally work out only 20 intense minutes a day and have such definition. Before, I used to work out an hour per day and was never able to comfortably maintain low bodyfat.

I am now 29 weeks pregnant and have gained 21 pounds so far, and I must say it's nicely distributed, mostly belly! I have continued using kettlebells, doing your Baby Bells DVD and a freestyle KB workout each once a week, as well as yoga twice a week and mix in some other cardio activity so that I do some athletic activity just about every day, and I feel great. I worked out throughout my first pregnancy six years ago as well, but I feel like my nutrition and exercise have both improved since then and there really is a difference. I can't wait to report how this birth goes!

Hi Lauren,

I was so excited that I found your site, bc I used your videos as well as had a kettle bell trainer during my entire pregnancy as well as currently. I am 5 months post partum and have lost ALL my baby weight and then some! I am actually smaller than I have ever been. I know it is from kettlebells as well as being almost Vegan. I still crave veggie egg white omelets and fish. I LOVE your videos!! Question- do you have any vegan pre/post workout snack ideas??
Lauren Brooks said…

Congratulations!! That is so wonderful that you were able to lose ALL of your baby weight and then some with kettlebell etc.. Feel free to email me at for a few ideas regarding pre/post vegan snacks. One that I use on a regular basis is Sun Warrior Protein mixed with 2 tsp flaxseed oil, blended with Organic Blueberries or Raspberries. It's delicious and is really effective.

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