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I would have put a picture of peanut butter cups or chocolate bars but I wouldn't want to entice anyone to have some. I would be lying if I said that I resisted the halloween candy temptations. When food is brought in to my house I will end up eating it. Every day this week I have managed to eat some candy. I feel guilty but then again I feel it's ok. I have been so strict with what I have been eating that I allow myself to indulge every now and again.

Speaking of my normal eating habits, Tracy had encouraged me to take a picture of what I eat. Last night I made Spagetti Squash and put organic marinara sauce on top with some turkey meatballs. I also steamed some cauliflower and brocolli to get some extra veggies. Then for dessert I had a fruit salad that I made. Everything was pretty simple to make. If I can make it anyone can. Here is what it looks like. I found it bit humerous taking a picture of my dinner plate. The picture of the Reeses peanut butter cup is not in there. That should go next to my fruit salad. 8-) Yes I am human too, which many people joke around with me about.

LIfe is definitely getting better! Ben also had his first workout yesterday. He is very sore today but I am proud of him!



Franz Snideman said…
Lyla is so precious!

Glad to see Ben is feeling better!
fawn said…
I ate some Halloween candy too... I alway regret it, however I can never resist. Same as you... if it is in my house it gets eaten. I am not made of stone.LOL! Layla is so cute in her little costume!
Franz Snideman said…
Be careful....the sugar will creep up on you! I have to watch my sugar intake fasting glucose levels are way to high.....damn that sugar :(
Howie B said…
Glad to hear things are looking up Lauren. Lyla is a darling. Pasta with homemade sauce and turkey meatballs is one of our fav's too! Our own version is so good, we don't ever bother even ordering it if we go out. It's always a letdown compared to our own cooking. Glad to hear Ben started his workouts. Good news all around!
Lauren Brooks said…
Thanks everyone. Ben is on his second workout. Let's see how long this lasts. 8-)
Tracy Reifkind said…

You should of included the PNB cup, in fact I think you've inspired me to take a picture of a "bad" food meal or day...I think it's just what I need. I've been bad lately and hiding a bit!

Time to come clean.
Lauren Brooks said…

We are all entitled to itty bitty secrets! Kind of like my Coldstone icecream I had on Saturday night. Yummmm it was good!
As I told Franz on his blog I have a weakness for Chocolate Milkshakes. Only twice a year, and a great way to knock down a hangover.
Franz Snideman said…
where are you? Updates?

Is everything okay??

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