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Lauren's Playground Doors are now Open - Last time to join before 2021

Today is a day of many firsts! Not only is it the FIRST Day of FALL 🍁  it's the first day of IN PERSON school for one of my four kids. (Wishing the students and teachers the absolute best)

Not gonna lie. I’m super nervous. I’m also feeling very joyful and excited.

The third reason I’m jumping out of my skin, is because today is also the FIRST official day of open registration for Lauren’s Playground. It will close in 5 days and won’t open again until 2021! I always get very excited welcoming new students to our community and online gym.

Fall feels special to me, because it's a is a time where the mornings feel crisper and cooler. It’s the time where we bust out our pumpkin candles and are surrounded by the colors of red, orange, brown, and black. 

It can bring a sense of renewal and can be the perfect time to close one chapter and open up a new one.

It’s the time to work on setting new goals, becoming stronger and fitter than ever, to not only feel INCREDIBLE and CONFIDENT, but to be as healthy as possible going in to the Winter!

I’ve had the honor of literally working hands on with people regularly for over 21 years! 

I’ve dedicated my life to helping busy people achieve their fitness goals, in a safe and a very efficient way. 

Surround yourself with inspiration and jaw dropping testimonials, with unbelievable transformations of strength, fitness, creating habits that at one point were non existent... Our virtual gym and community is that place. 

If you want to join a group of hundreds of people that live all over the world....

Let me show you. 

The amazing community and I will welcome you to Lauren’s Playground with open arms.

We close at the end of the week until 2021!

If you’re ready to make a change, ready for me to help/coach/guide you, and do the thinking for you, sign up right here 



"I am the sort of person who prefers to work out at home, rather than at a gym, so the playground membership is perfect for me. Lauren provides amazing instructions on form and her coaching really encourages me even when the workouts are tough. I love that she adds new content every month but the older content is still there, giving so much variety to choose from. Whatever your workout goals, there are multiple programs in the playground to help you obtain them. Love the playground and am so happy I joined." Sarah L

"Lauren’s playground has truly changed my life. I am a stay at home mom of a 2 year old and I have been struggling to get back to my pre-baby fitness level since my son was born. When I joined the playground I finally felt like I had found a clear path to get back to the fitness level I wanted. There is so much flexibility, so many options, and the workouts are so efficient that I rarely feel like I have a good reason to skip a workout, I can always find a way to fit something in. In addition, Lauren’s instruction is so spot on and positive that I am always in a better mood when I am finished.
Since I have been using the playground I feel much stronger not only physically but emotionally too. Thank you Lauren for creating such an amazing program!" Janine  B

"I never dreamed when I joined LAUREN’s PLAYGROUND how fun, yet informative this format would be. I have several of Lauren’s dvd’s that are great and prepared me with using kettlebells. The PLAYGROUND is a whole new level of kettlebell instruction with Lauren and Todd. Every time I do a workout I feel like I am right there. She gives constant instruction, motivation and encouragement to the students with her and the students watching. She starts out with the “Basics” but there is plenty of variation with the different programs. Lauren also listens to us on Facebook as we discuss various topics that arise from our training and provides additional information. Come get on LAUREN’s PLAYGROUND-you will love it!" Terry

"My body has completely changed! The playground is versatile, energetic, fun. I'm especially satisfied with Lauren's safety aspect. I've had neck problems for a long time and her little side notes and mobility drills I've NEVER heard of are very effective and have kept my neck pain free. 

For the first time in my life, I can say I love the way I look. The Playground is a must for anybody looking to change their body and gain confidence. Being strong is definitely what it's all about." Happy Member

"I’ve been a follower of Lauren for several years, have most of her DVD’s and also her BeSLAM programs. I jumped at the chance to join her playground…I am loving the programs, I love the format, and the fact that I can either follow along with videos, or with a printed version of the workouts. Variety, encouragement, and inspiration, all the things I need to keep me on track. Great value, too!" Julie

"Love this program arrangement, and layout…and especially Lauren Brooks’ approach all-around! Very flexible yet rigorous and my favorite of any and all series or programs for kettlebell and even any workout style. From solid fitness, through pregnancy, post-pregnancy, overscheduled professional and family life, Lauren’s got it covered with respect and intensity per desire. A million thanks to Lauren, and most especially to this new Playground…came along when I need it most and I will likely stay for a very long time."  RunningGenes

"To be able to get this kind of training in my home is beyond awesome. There is so much content and new content is added on a monthly basis. There is no room for boredom. You are constantly challenged. Great monthly subscription! I am very happy with my purchase." Mary Ann


See you on the inside!

Much Love,


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