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Kettlebell Snatch Workshop Course with Lauren Brooks

Kettlebell Snatch Workshop

Short Description: Bite size action steps and simple techniques to get you to fluid, smooth, strong, and powerful Kettlebell Snatches. **Personal Feedback with Group Option too** Registration closes in a few days. 25% off code to register over the next 48 hours here. Playground members sign in below

Why partake in a Kettlebell Snatch Workshop course?

If you've been struggling with banging up your forearms, jolting your neck, shoulders, back, destroying your hands, and are ready to hone in on the simple techniques and drills that will solve this issue with Snatching, you've come to the right place.

I've been teaching Kettlebell snatches to people for the last 16 years from the ages of 14 to 80 years old. I know when someone is ready to embark on the snatch journey and I also know when someone is not ready. There are prerequisites in place and milestones to hit before adding this incredible exercise to your arsenal.  Be sure to spend time on the pre-requisites before going to the first step of the Kettlebell Snatch. 

We will discuss pre-reqs in more detail in the live Facebook group you can join when signing up for this workshop. 

Not only will this Snatch workshop be in bite size learning chunks, that are already filmed for you to go back and learn with practice sessions, we will also have a live options and a private Facebook group to answer your questions and get personal. The lives and interactive fun will happen during the month of July after the holiday weekend.  We will not be taking new people in the group once we close registration so I can focus only on the students inside the group along with our Playground community. I want to see you succeed. 

If you're ready... be sure to get a spot in the Snatch Workshop Facebook group as we will start our lives and feedbacks weekly in July after the holiday weekend.  Invite link for this private group inside your course. The group will tie in the practice sessions you will find in your course, for each step, so you can be as successful as possible. I will do my very best to answer your questions and help with your form and technique. 

READY. SET. GO!  Spots are limited for the live interactive portion. Your purchase/registration will give you a 60 day pass to the workshop videos in this workshop. This will ensure you practice in a timely manner. 

ON SALE TODAY FOR 3 DAYS. If you're not a current member no worries. We are actually offering this opportunity to the public. Code expires on Wednesday July 1st.

Take 25% off this unique workshop course use CODE: snatchdiscount where you can go in at your own pace over the next 60 days. Plus enjoy the added interaction and live feedback in our private Kettlebell Snatch Facebook Group for the month of July. REGISTER HERE BEFORE WE CLOSE

 Playground and Premium Members - this is an added bonus in your portal. If you're a current member sign in here to register for no extra charge. We close registration for Snatch Facebook Group in July.  


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