Got Kettlebells for Your 69th Birthday?

What will you do on your 69th birthday? Nancy chose to do her age in Snatches all in one go, with an extra rep, for good luck. This is after a full strength and conditioning kettlebell class. What’s your excuse?

You don't have to fear proper kettlebell training. Training for longevitiy will allow you to do the things you love. Nancy is able to do the things she loves such as water ski and golf because she works on her strength and conditioning in a wise way. She doesn't suffer from back pain or constant aches and pain due to her commitment to strength.

You want REAL health care? This is it. The "health insurance" you pay for should really be called "sick insurance". It's mostly good for when you're already sick. Train your body and you'll prepare yourself for a long, strong, and healthy life. 

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