Inertia Wave - My New Favorite Fitness Toy


Tell me this does not look fun?

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Several weeks ago Dave Parise, the creator of Inertia Wave, sent me an email to tell me all about his new product. Due to the fact that I get frequent emails about the newest and greatest products or the best supplement in the world, naturally I was skeptical. 

I looked at a few of the videos and the first question I asked Dave was "How is this different than the Battling Ropes that we use?" 

Here was his response:

"I know everyone says that Lauren… Totally different than the battling ropes. It works all 3 energy systems with oscillating waves, it’s not the tension and torque and muscle left you feel with the battling ropes… Plus battle ropes are predominately anaerobic… That’s why you get tired it’s not the wind it’s that there’s less resistance to oxygen when you’re doing battling ropes… This is predominantly aerobic and the metabolic lab at Yale New Haven is coming out with a published study it burns 51 cal per minute… The only One Other exercise on the planet is called double unders with jump rope that burns about 48 cal per minute."

I figured this made perfect sense. They also weigh less than 2 pounds, which I liked the idea, so if you're traveling and want to take this training with you on the go it's a no brainer. The Battling Ropes are wonderful but they're very heavy and can be much harder to transport. The anchor system for the InertiaWave is super easy to set up as well. You can anchor it almost anywhere. 

As many of you know, I just had surgery several weeks ago, and 2 days ago I got clearance to EASE in to some light training. Due to the fact that this is extremely light, I thought I'd give it a go. I tried several variations for 15-20 seconds. My heart was blasting out of my chest and I felt my entire body working to stabilize. The anti-rotational work that this offers is also outstanding. The possibilities are endless.

As I heal from my surgery, I look forward to playing with this more, but I can tell you this is a VALUABLE piece of equipment and we will be implementing this in many workouts to come. 

Get ready folks and my PLAYGROUND MEMBERS. This is a great investment and you'll not regret it!

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