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Low Volume Strength Training Program - without the BULK!

Let's set the record straight. I LOVE muscles! I think they're beautiful, especially on women. I don't mind working hard and seeing my muscles grow even if some consider it a  "bulky" look. I don't mind looking strong either. However, these are my personal goals at times. Just because I love it doesn't mean I should expect all of my female students to want the same thing. In fact many want the complete opposite. 

"Lauren, I want to BE STRONG but I'm petrified of gaining a bunch of muscle." is a common statement I hear from my students.  Who am I to judge and talk them out of what they perceive is comfortable for THEIR body? If they don't want to gain muscle then I need to be careful of the programs I suggest to them. Low rep training with the proper amount of volume has proven you can still become beastly strong without looking like a body builder. If this sounds appealing to you then keep reading...

Low Volume Strength Digital Training Program
(strength without the bulk)

Why Low Volume Strength Training Rocks

Here is a discussion with coach Franz Snideman, owner of Revolution Fitness, about why low volume strength training absolutely rocks!

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What's inside the Low Volume Strength Training Digital Series?
The Low Volume Strength streaming series is an incredible program hyper focused on building real strength without the bulk. 3 strength video workouts, 1 low rep snatch video section and an extended Mobility warm up, led by Franz Snideman. 

We just released this Low Volume Strength in our playground and people have already started posting their thoughts. Here are a few that just came in...

Coach Franz Snideman - Owner and Head Coach of Revolution Fitness
Petite and very strong Lee Seider 108lbs and can deadlift 280lbs and chin up with 53lbs from her waist. 
To purchase access to this program without joining the playground community visit here


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