Do You Love Kettlebell Training?

Once you find something that works well, it's hard to keep it a secret. Over the years my local and distant students have achieved such raving results with intelligent kettlebell based training, that many have actually gone on to become kettlebell instructors.

After 12 solid years of teaching kettlebell training I've had the honor of watching my students share their beautiful success stories with friends and family. I've decided it's time for you to reap even more benefits. You've shared your love for kettlebells by sending people my direction, so they can take the same road you did, to achieve great success. I'd like to begin giving you a commission for all that you do. I am literally going to pay you 15% cash for every Playground member, DVD product, top of the line nutrition products, apparel and even my distant coaching services!! Yeah the services count!!  If your referring friend or family purchases over $27 you will get 15% cash back of all sales generated by you.

I know this is a no brainer since you've been spreading the love for years without this type of incentive. This is probably the easiest and best tracking Refer a Friend program we've ever implemented. It doesn't take long to sign up to get your unique sharing link. Looking forward to sending you money!


ORGANIZED MISHMASH is live - If you get a bit of ADD strictly following training programs, you're not alone! I've created a new program for you that takes some of your favorite workouts from the Playground and puts it together in an organized 8 week program. So it feels like you're bouncing all around to different themes with the organized mishmash program, but it's secretly very organized and has a rhyme and reason behind it. 

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