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Is Simplicity Better? oh and a 3 min Pasta

Is simplicity better than complexity? I've struggled with this concept for years. During the time right before I began fiming kettlebell workout DVD's, mind you, this is before most knew what a kettlebell was, I wanted to vomit all of the kettlebell information out at once. I was too excited to hold anything back! This was also the time when people would ask me how my "Kettle Ball" or "Cow ball" training is coming along. It's ok if you were one of them. 😂

In the very beginning I felt I had to teach everything I knew. I thought the more I showed my students the better they would be. Or maybe they would share the same excitement for this amazing training that I had. To give you an example when I first taught I student how to swing a kettlebell 12 years ago, I'd take them through every cue and technique in my arsenal to get them to swing. Even if they mastered it I would still show them more drills. Let's say it was overkill!

I was overwhelming my students with too much. Luckily I learned quicky from this experience that I needed to simplify things and only use the necessary tools. Not dump out the tool box and have more than needed. Make them feel if they need their PhD in order to swing a kettlebell.  Now when I say simplify this doesn't mean lack of attention to detail or allow someone to have less than par form. This means find the most efficient path to getting my message across for the individual student.
Anyone who's ever worked with me in person knows that I'm anal retentive when it comes to safety, form and technique. Even though I want to tell it all and give everyone off of the options, i had to learn to resist. The only thing that matters is helping people success and inspiring them to want to come back for more.  I vowed to create simple ways to get my point across and help others. In the end it's about finding the best route that works! Believe me, there are multiple ways to get there.

Since simple is the theme I threw together a Zucchini Pasta with Basil Pesto dish which was mouth watering. It literally took me less than 4 minutes to make. Here are the ingredients. All I used is a hand held Spiralizer. One squash made 1serving.

Zucchini squash
Pesto Sauce (preferabley low sodium or if you do homemade it will take a bit longer) 2-3 TBS to taste
Raw organic Walnuts (optional) - handful
Parmesan Cheese (optional) - sprinkle on

The 4 minute Zucchini Pasta how to video is up on the Playground site for our members here.

If you're overwhelmed with starting a strength program or not sure how to get started I've laid it all out for you on the Playground. I've categorized the hours and hours of videos and programs to show you where to begin. For example if you're a beginner you'd start off with the Basics Fundamental Course and use the Demonstration area for reference. Or if you're in the intermediate category you could start with Basics Sculpt. If you're far from a beginner and donn't want to deal with any program with the word "Basics" then you'd dive head first in to the Power, Strength & Burn classes.

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We hope you love it and stay, but we understand different strokes for different folks. It's all good! If you prefer not to have access to hours and hours of programs and video workouts, you can always start with one of my popular Kettlebell Workout Videos. Use code: 20off to take 20% off on every single title we have.


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