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REAL Results from Kettlebell Incinerator - 6lbs of fat lost in less than 4 weeks!

I'd like to share an email with you that I received out of the blue. I know many people would like to feel comfortable in their own skin. It's ok to have goals for yourself. After all, you only get one body. I've always been a huge advocate for strength and mobility, but let's face it, people want to feel good in their own skin. Training with Kettlebell Incinerator - the super quick workouts gave Rhonda these results. She's super busy full time working mom and she was able to squeeze this in, in less than 4 weeks. Here's her email and how she did it! 

Hi Lauren,

I finished the Incinerator Advanced Rotation program and wanted to share some thoughts :-)

Amazing. Just amazing. I waited for this cutting program since I finished BeSlam2 and it was even better than I imagined. As you know, I have been on a journey to get comfortable in my skin again. I keep slipping in the areas that matter most, namely nutrition and generally from stress. I have also had some periods of time that I got so frustrated from lack of progress while 'behaving' that I threw away weeks/months of work by over indulging for too many days/weeks. This is what happened to me this past spring. I got to an ok place and plateaued for almost 2 months. This led to a backward slide costing about 10lbs.

I have found that when I have an exact program to follow and commit to an exact eating plan, that I can stay on track for those blocks of time. Yes, I will need to learn how to live in maintenance mode, but first I have to get there! The 4 week Incinerator Advanced Rotation was a perfect program for me- short, focused, and the right length of time to hold true to the program. The workouts were hard! But because they were short I really pushed myself and used my fitbit to urge me to hit peak zone for as long as I could each workout. I removed grains, dairy, alcohol and sugar from my diet. I made a point to walk 20 minutes each day and generally move more.  All this and here are my results:

May 30 2016- June 27 2016
real deal! not photoshopped

I lost 6 lbs, but definelty look like it was a lot more. I am so angry I didn't take measurements! Also, I think my posture even improved.

I took 2 days 'off' and am using this week to visit some of my favorite workouts from your videos. Then I plan to follow your Lean Body program in the Playground. I think that is meant for someone with my goals?  I am going to allow some complex carbs back in, and will only drink sparingly on weekends, if at all- it's summer and BBQ's are aplenty! 

I figured that since Kettlebell Incinerator is a new DVD and program that you may want some real world results from your average followers to see how big of a difference you make to us. Thank you!


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