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Shut Up and Train Article and Brand New Tank Tops

I recently wrote an article called Shut Up and Train, which can be seen in the upcoming June/July edition of My Mad Methods Magazine that is on sale now.  The philosophy of this magazine is based upon the concept of Unconventional training.  This speaks to me on a personal level since I didn't grow up in a conventional way.  In fact, I had quite an unconventional childhood and have continued this way in to my adult life.  Many may think this could scar a child or cause instability due to being raised under different circumstances than the typical American family.  Becoming the product of an unconventional upbringing has carried over in to a profound way of adapting easily. Thinking outside the box and has allowed me to embrace these methods of training as a way of life with an openmind.   Shut Up and Train is an attitude driven article from the past 14 years I've been listening to every excuse in the book of why one doesn't commit to training.  It's taken me this long to truly understand how the mind works towards "exercising" or which I like to call training.  Quick side note: A blog post on Training versus Exercise is coming real soon so stay tuned.  The article in this magazine is designed to give you the tools to get motivated, trash the excuses and show up.  With a very tough love approach, I bring to you "Shut Up and Train" in My Mad Methods Magazine.  There is currently a discounted price for the entire online or hard copy edition that includes some powerful pieces from some of the top female coaches.  On top of great training information,

Shut Up & Train Tank Top - Lauren Brooks

GET YOUR TANK TOP NOW before they sell out

Shut Up & Train Tank Top - Lauren Brooks

Product Description
This is the first official My Mad Methods Contributor Apparel piece. It's a workout tank top featuring a saying by Lauren Brooks, "Shut Up & Train." Get yours now!

This Dark Grey and Magenta Unconventional Fitness Tank Top. This is a Magenta/Pink screenprint on a Dark Grey tri-blend American Apparel Racerback Tank. Perfect for working out.


Martin Shams said…
I definitely like your attitude toward training - I'm looking forward to your next magazine release!
Anonymous said…
Your post is awesome and makes me set new goals which I have teetered on for years...
You are a true inspiration!
Peter said…
I think we can all find an excuse to do nothing instead of getting off our butts.Funnily enough, when people finally get motivated, they ask themselves why they didn't do something sooner!
ToniAnn said…
Awesome!!! Your body has completely changed thru your DVD series... I know you had a cpl pregnancies but What's been the change in training? Just different focus?
Vol.1 is more Pilates type, lean body... Vol. 2 and 3 you look bigger, more defined.
Has your training completely changed?
Violet said…
Just read your article! Goodbye excuses, hello training!
You have an awesome attitude to training, very inspiring. I found the hardest thing was to make a start. Once I did, it's been great, i haven't stopped.
There are some days where I don't feel like training but then I search articles and stories that interest me and before you know it. the motivation returns
Steven Miller said…
I think you're right you must approach it properly, mental rehersal helps physical performance.
Kurt Matice said…
You are indeed an inspiration to a lot of women out there, I am glad I was able to read your post 'cause this is what my wife really needs. Every time I motivate her to perform her workout activity, she just keeps on making endless excuse, and etc. I believe, this will let her realize what she needs to realize. Thank you so much!!
Killer!!! I love the attitude and the message. No excuses! You're an inspiration, keep up the good work!
Toni said…
Any upcoming DVD releases? Please make some YouTube following your training!

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