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Kettlebell Fitness with Lauren Brooks App is Ready

I'm very proud to announce the release of this Kettlebell app.  This app is designed for those just starting their kettlebell journey as well as those wanting to refine their skills and develop the fundamentals.  This app takes you step by step through exercises tutorials and then you will be able apply what you have learned in several different workouts!  If you have enjoyed  any of my DVD's, especially Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells, you will love this app. The detail and lay out of this comprehensive app that Mahalo productions produced and created with me is truly amazing.  I am blown away by the work and quality of this app that the Mahalo team put together!  Much less the fact that if this were one of my DVD's it would be at least $40-$50 a pop.  This detailed app is available for watching, but even better you can download any of the intricate tutorials and workouts to your device so you don't have to worry about buffering and streaming issues since the picture is such high quality. 

Learn more about this kettlebell app here.  Download in  your kettlebell iPhone and iPad app here in just seconds!

Note: I am not personally selling or responsible for the sales of this app or technical issues like I am with all my DVD's.  If you have any questions regarding technical support you will need to contact Mahalo right here

For those who have had buffering issues this is what they have told me:

Users have the option to download the videos or stream them from YouTube. We offer this option so that the app does not take up too much memory on your device. The default is to stream from YouTube. So, if a user does not have a strong wifi connection, the video may not play properly. 

If a user wants to have the video downloaded to their device, they can click the download icon at the top right of the lesson page. 


Kettlebell Mike said…
Great App. I actually have this myself and will shortly be doing a review on it from my fitness site after just writing an article on Kettlebell training.
This is amazing post. This post inspired me to increase my daily workout.
stacy said…
Do they want to offer it on the android market? I would love to have it.
Setanta College said…
The app looks great. I must get it and check it out. We'll be running a few courses on Kettlebells at soon, might pick up some tips.

Check out our blog
Shweta Singhal said…
Great application for improving Kettle bell skills. I think everybody is going to use that who are willing to do training for Kettlebell.
Maria said…
I think these are great routines. Thanks for sharing all these. I think anybody will be losing weight if they do these right. Looks good and will be terrific if all goes well. Lots of good luck and health for you. Cheers!
Rachel said…
Any idea when or if there will be an app available for android phones?
Anonymous said…
Lauren, I love the app. I was hoping you could tell me about how many calories are burned in each workout? I am 5'4" and weigh about 175.8
Wow!Exercising in a high tech way!This application is very good for busy people.They can bring it anywhere.

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