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Fem PMS and Fem Balance Giveaway for Ladies


Sharon Shiner said...
Please enter me into the giveaway..I responded to you when you originally asked about PMS etc...unfortunately I am greatly affected by PMS w.sometimes severe back pain that makes it hard to train (let alone move!!!).....
thanks Lauren!
Sharon Shiner

Michelle said...
Could really use being the winner of this one! These workouts are a lifesaver for me....since my late husband's illness and death, I lost the ability to work out after my 13 hours shifts at the hospital....or maybe its just age finally! But the Lauren DVDs pack in just enough to get the heart rate up, tax the muscles a little and do it so quickly, that at least I've done SOMETHING besides hit the wine and crackers! Keeps my weight down and keeps me going! Love your work! Blessings, Michelle

PLEASE email On The Edge Fitness Customer Service to redeem your Fem Balance Products and iVersion Choice.  Congratulations!  Please keep us posted to see how you are doing.  

Several months back I conducted an informal survey on menstrual cycle and training over at the On The Edge Fitness Facebook page.  More than half commented that they were greatly effected with their strength and conditioning training, 1-2 weeks before their period and many during.  Most of it has to do with major swings in hormone levels, deficiencies in vitamins and minerals, and painful periods.  Many females suffer from depression, crying spells, weight gain, water retention, and severe headaches just to name a few.  No wonder your training is greatly effected! For this very reason I am offering a giveaway for an awesome and completely natural product, FEM PMS, from one of my favorite and respected companies Premier Research Labs.  This also will go hand in hand with FEM BALANCE that I will also be giving away as well.

In order to naturally prevent PMS you must take the precautions such as avoid salty foods, caffeine, alcohol, processed sugars, and hydrogenated oils.  Most PMS balance supplements contain lots of single ingredients such a cramp bark and red raspberry.  The single ingredients don't really address the problem. That is why I like this product.  It has an array of high quality natural ingredients that will help tackle most of the common problems.  Rules on giveaway will be posted below.

Here are the ingredients for the Fem PMS

European Red Raspberry Leaf
  • Rich in fragarine (uterine tonic), tannins and polypeptides
  • Supports and tonifies the uterus
  • Provides support during pregnancy, helping to prepare the body for childbirth
  • Helps ease nausea
Central American Opuntia Cactus
  • Rich in natural vitamin C, bioflavonoids and 17 essential amino acids
  • Supports healthy respiratory, glandular and circulatory systems
  • Supports healthy nervous system function and mood regulation
  • Naturally high in fiber which helps curb appetite
  • Supports healthy endocrine and immune function
  • Promotes healthy urine flow and helps neutralize toxins and internal waste
Cramp Bark
  • Used anciently by Native Americans for swelling
  • Supports natural muscle relaxation, especially the uterus
  • Supports the natural muscle tone of the uterus
  • Promotes a calm, healthy nervous system
Atlantic Kelp
  • Rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, iodine, trace minerals, natural vitamins and amino acids
  • Supports healthy thyroid function and metabolism
South American Bladderwrack
  • Supports healthy thyroid function and metabolism
  • Supports the body's natural histamine response
Indian Noni Fruit, Seeds
  • Contains natural compounds which promote healthy, cramp-free menstruation
  • Contains scopoletin, a natural compound which helps promote calm mood and sense of well being
  • Supports menstrual cycle regulation
  • Supports the body's natural histamine processes
  • Promotes healthy lactation in mothers who are breastfeeding
Indian Turmeric Root
  • One of the most versatile antioxidants with unparalleled DNA repair
  • Contains natural compounds which support the body's natural histamine processes

Here is how you can easily win these products.  There will be 2 winners!

Leave a comment on this blog to be considered.  The winners will be announced next Tuesday over on my On The Edge Fitness Fan Page.  You must be apart of the community in order to win.  All you have to do is like this page.  I will also announce it on my blog for a day, but then take it down since I have lots of blog posts coming up!!   I will also throw in a downloadable (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) DVD of choice.

If you prefer not to take a chance Fem Balance and Fem PMS will be on sale for a few days, which you can find under the Nutrition store.  If you know a friend or family member that could greatly benefit, please share this.


Debbie said…
I'd like to be entered for this... I also LOVE your DVDs! I've gained so much strength in the past year and I credit a lot of it to following your DVD workouts
RBlood said…
Lauren, Please enter me in for this. I would love to try this product and see if it can see some of the problems I face. Thanks you!!
Romi Galea said…
Everything you advertise means that you believe in the product and if it can help you, you share it with us to enjoy the benefits..this is not just for the health products, but your dvds and books too..I've learnt so much from you even just from sharing free nutrition tips. Thank you so much!
Anonymous said…
I need to try this Lauren, please enter me. At 50, I am really noticing the toll the hormone swings are causing. Thanks!
Jane S. said…
Woops, Lauren, my comment posted anonymous! It's me, Jane, in Baltimore!
My hormones are so whacked that my friends say I have PMS 2 weeks out of 4 and some months 4 out of 4 lol...As an athlete that can usually run, do yoga and do kettlebells all in one day the effects that PMS exert on my training is tremendous. I literally have no muscle power especially in my last week leading up. This is so so frustrating as I can hardly lift my 16kg bell which I train with as a rule and I cannot put a foot infront of the other when I try to run as my muscle power "dissapears". It would be interesting to see what FEM PMS and FEM PMS balance can do for my training during the natural cycle of womanhood :). All that said, thank you Lauren for all the inspiration you have brought to my life as a k-beller...♥
Sharon Shiner said…
Please enter me into the giveaway..I responded to you when you originally asked about PMS etc...unfortunately I am greatly affected by PMS w.sometimes severe back pain that makes it hard to train (let alone move!!!).....
thanks Lauren!
Sharon Shiner
Teoma said…
Would love to win!!! I love PRL products!! And I love your kettle bell workouts!! I have your first DVD and have shared it with many friends!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!
MaryMac said…
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Enter me in this... Pms and training is somthing ive been researching alot lately and how it affects athletic performance and would love to try this product as part of my research :-) P.S. LOVE ur posts and workouts.. They are always inspirational and uplifting and to the point :-)
Jennifer said…
You are so generous with you giveaways. You truly care! I would love to be entered in the giveaway. Thanks Lauren for your dedication. Jennifer G.
Monica said…
I got your book and your video and got a PFT working with me. I also purchased a kettlebell. I am so glad you wrote about this and I can't believe there is a product for that. this is a clear example of what happened to me *JUST* today. I had to text my PFT because I got a migraine (ready to have my period any time now...). I get so bombed out! I really want to get into shape but this DARN PMS...! THANK YOU for being real about real women's issues related to fitness.
skinnyme2b said…
I am just now finding your products and really like the way you do your instruction. I am also having trouble with these same issues. Thank you!! ~Venecia
denisse santos said…
Personally PMS plays a big role in how I feel when I exercise. I find this interesting and I enjoy reading your articles. I find your work very inspiring, keep up the great work and giving us the chance to enjoy your articles!
BevW said…
Please enter me in the contest! Lauren's KB workouts have helped me reach my 10% weight loss goal! I'm aiming to reach pre- baby weight in better shape than ever with the KB's. Thanks for all you do Lauren!
Colleen C said…
I have been looking for a natural product to help with my PMS symptons but I have not found one that works. Thank you for offering this giveaway and giving us the opportunity to try this product.
Husna said…
Lauren, this is my comment to enter me into this giveaway.
My cycle does affect my training performance, but I never knew there was much other than prescription drugs out there to combat the issues, so I would just "muscle" through it. It would be nice to train even better without the cycle setbacks. Anyway, I'd love to try the products - if not for the exercise benefits, then for the sake of my kids and husband during those off days of the month! They will appreciate it, for sure.
NIkki said…
PMS is really hurting my workouts. I've been using a different product, but it hasn't helped. Even if I don't win, I m very interested in purchasing. Thanks, Lauren!
Kirsty said…
I've been following the plan in your book for 6 weeks now and am loving the results. First time I've ever been able to see my abs! Would love the DVD and there is lots of PMS in this house so they would benefit us too.
Unknown said…
Would it help my chances that my 50th birthday is in three weeks? Fabulous as always, Lauren.
Okay, the unknown birthday girl is me and would love to be considered for the give-a-way.
Anonymous said…
I would love to win this! I love your blog and all your DVDs...I use them regularly! Thanks for the great giveaway!

Kristy R.
Michelle said…
Could really use being the winner of this one! These workouts are a lifesaver for me....since my late husband's illness and death, I lost the ability to work out after my 13 hours shifts at the hospital....or maybe its just age finally! But the Lauren DVDs pack in just enough to get the heart rate up, tax the muscles a little and do it so quickly, that at least I've done SOMETHING besides hit the wine and crackers! Keeps my weight down and keeps me going! Love your work! Blessings, Michelle
Regina said…
I think alot of my weight issues are hormone related!
amym79 said…
Not only does pms affect me physically with my workouts it affects me being a mom and wife my energy is drained and I just feel bleh ! I would like to enter your contest . I love your workouts and would love to try anything that might help me feel better during the not so fun time of the month:)
mom27g said…
I love to win this :)
vieja said…
I'm interested, I notice I don't sleep well during that time period and so I don't workout as much. I just in general feel more tired the older I get.I'm 43 and I think I have major hormone issues.
Joy said…
Lauren! Jason (hubby) will appreciate you picking me very much! I have taken the Fem Balance before but really feel this would be a good chance to challenge the PMS symptoms with taking both products to address both issues. Eliminating sugar (besides low glycemic fruit) has helped a ton, good advice!:)
Angie F. said…
Would love to try this product and I am glad to know that there are others that suffer the zapped energy level during certain part of the month
Jilligan said…
I rarely enter giveaways but am intrigued about Fem-Balance. I believe the hormone changes during PMS is nature's way of telling us to take it easy and deload one week out of the month. I've been able to minimize the negatives by clean eating and backing off the caffiene, but as I'm approaching pre-menopause I'd like to stay on an even keel if at all possible. Thanks for all of your insight and hard work, you are much appreciated!
Hi Lauren,

I have all your DVDS - is there a way to get the downloadable versions of your workouts if you own the DVDS?
sminkkel said…
I don't know, if I can enter, because I write from Hungary, but I would like to.:)

I change my lifestyle this year (healthier eating and exercises.) Kettlebell is my new passion.
Christine said…
Please enter me. I have all your dvds except Baby bells. Love them all!!
Christine said…
Please enter me. I have all your dvds except Baby Bells. I LOVE THEM!!!!
D. said…
Sounds like a great product! I'd like to enter to win this!
I'd like to enter, please. Sounds like a great product!
Angela F. said…
Please enter me into the giveaway. Thanks. Angela
Liz T said…
I would love to win this product!
Unknown said…
I've noticed a significant decrease in strength, power, and energy at regular times during my cycle, as well as a migraine on the first day of the cycle. It's hard to get motivated when I feel so lethargic. I've continued to work out regularly using your DVDs, though, and my 47-year-old body looks much younger. I'd love to try the products but hesitate to invest in products without a recommendation from someone I trust. It would be wonderful to try these. Thanks for your hard work to help us all feel and look our best.
I've tried a couple times already to post a comment but it doesn't seem to work. Sorry if they all post sooner or later! I've used your DVDs for two years now and I love them all. I'm 47 and notice significant decreases in energy, strength, and power at regular times in my cycle. I also struggle with migraines and take a daily preventive. As I get closer to menopause, I'd like to have all the support I can get, supplement-wise, to make the transition as smooth as possible. Thanks!

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