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Time To Face A New Challenge (Part 1)

It's a bit ironic how the last blog I posted, I wrote how thankful I am for having a pain free, mobile, and strong body.  Now I sit here a little sad because I can't say the same.  I can say that I am thankful to have the inner and outer strength I have.

This past weekend I went through a vigorous 6 hour Krav Maga test.  It was serious, nerve-racking, with tons of adrenaline.  It was one of the harder mentally and physically challenging events in my life.  To make matters worse I over rotated on my knee doing a round house kick.  My front foot was suppose to pivot allowing my whole body to turn.  However, that's not how it happened.  My entire body, including my knee turned with great power to kick the pad, but my front foot stayed planted.  "Pop"is what I felt and heard.  My left knee was blown out and I came crashing down to the ground during the "serious" part of the testing phase.  I gave out a yell and laid on my back in disbelief holding my knee shaking.  I slowly got up with some help and tried to keep myself together. The last thing I wanted to do was quit, not finish this test and let my partner down.  I was given the okay and encouraged from the instructors to test at another time, since they saw I was hardly able to stand in my fighting stance any more.

I had no intention of quitting.  Even if it meant I would fail the test, I still felt I needed to try. If I were in a real fight and blew out my knee, I don't think the attacker would give a shit, so the only way to survive would be to keep on going.  Am I wrong?  Needless to say, I jumped back in to the testing but my strong focus was definitely gone.  I had so many emotions going through my head and body that I didn't know how to control it.  With my knee not working, all that was going on in my head was all the events, my video film day coming up, and workshops that I was going to have to cancel.  It was time to do inside defenses and I was so focused on my knee that I let my partner punch me in the face.  I didn't even feel the pain since I was more focused on the fact that being in my fighting stance was hardly possible .  My life revolves around my body being mobile and healthy, so I was devastated.   I am not a person who cries often.  The only times I have cried in the past few years were over death and births.  So once the faucets of tears turned on it was a huge challenge to turn them off.

Now let's get to the good news. The good news is I still passed the Krav Maga test, with one working knee.  I have an MRI scheduled tomorrow so I will have a definitive answer by Wednesday or Thursday.  From what the doctor felt on my knee he is 90% sure I have a Meniscus tear and 70% sure that I also have an ACL tear, which mean surgery.  So with all of this happening I have to delay many events and plans I have had in the near future.    The bright side of all of this is I will become great at weighted pull-ups and seated presses.  Once I see the MRI this post will be continued......

Continuing on...     August 4, 2010      JUST RECEIVED THE NEWS

Yesterday I had an MRI but left with no answers.  This morning I woke up feeling hopeful since the swelling in my knee was a little bit better.  I spent the morning playing with my 17 month old.  We played, then she watched me do some weighted pull ups, push ups, pistols on my right leg, seated presses, and seated rope waves.  Hey I am trying to make the best of it.  I was feeling pretty good.

Okay so I have had quite a few emails from people so far with words of encouragement.  Thanks so much to all of you.  You guys are amazing.  Also many of you wise ones mentioned that if it's a meniscus tear it's a fast recovery.  If it's the ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) which is the primary stabilizer of the knee,  it's a very LONG recovery.

Today the doctor looked at the MRI, brought in a skeleton knee and immediately started discussing  Reconstructive Surgery.  That's right folks I have a COMPLETELY TORN ACL! Not the words I was hoping to hear.  Am I surprised?  A little.  I did hear and feel a pop.  I was hoping it was my imagination, but it was real.  He said when athletes use the term "blown out knee"  this is it.  I have a blown out knee and will be needing surgery at some point in the near future.  I guess there goes my plans for wakeboarding then dancing at the clubs on my birthday, no snowboarding this season, and definitely no Krav Maga for awhile.  However, I will be able to do some modified kettlebell exercises which is a good thing as long as I'm super careful.  Next week I was scheduled to film Volume 3 of my UBSC DVD series.  This one was suppose to be the best out of all of them.  I have the most amazing location, coolest set up, and best workouts planned for this.  So the question is do I do it anyway and just modify the exercises I can't do? And have my workout partners do them instead?  Or do I wait several years to do this after I go through the surgery and rehab?  I'm aiming for sooner than later and doing what I can since I've been very anxious to get this DVD out for my peeps.  ;-)  Hopefully that wont be a problem for people.

This is definitely going to be quite an adjustment for me. The fact that I can't do what I am use to doing has not quite settled in yet.  Once this all hits and I adapt I will try and keep everyone posted.  Be well and be healthy.

Lots of Love,



Kelly said…
Nooooo!!!!! Things like this aren't supposed to happen to unstoppable forces of nature. I'm going to do your kettlebell DVD every day this week in your honor. Maybe if enough people are kicking butt at home, cosmic forces will cause your knee to heal faster. A girl can dream, right?
Lauren Brooks said…
Kelly, Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I feel honored that you will be using my DVD to help my knee heel faster. I will be doing everything it takes to get back up on my feet. I had a video shoot filmed next week for the best DVD ever! It will happen, just a little later then expected. Thanks again!!!
linds. said…
awww lauren i'm so so sorry to hear that!! i'm going to think happy thoughts for you! hope you have a fast recovery :) you were probably due for a little break anyway, so try to find some positive in this... maybe more time to relax with your wonderful family :)

Roland Denzel said…
Sorry to hear about your knee. Just yesterday, I was amazed at your TGU!

You're very strong and in such good shape, I'm sure you'll heal fast and come back with some serious upper body strength!

I just got back from Bulgaria, where my friend Eftim also has an injured knee. A torn ACL and MCL.

Here's how he's managing to fit kettlebells into his routine with a hurt knee...!/video/video.php?v=415023016184

Oh, maybe you can do a cooking DVD in the meantime!
Michelle DK said…
Very sorry to hear that Lauren, must be so devastating for an active person like you to go through something like this. I really do hope you will have a speedy recovery and maybe you will get something positive out of this experience too ( more family time, new ideas for the future etc) Get well soon, hope the doctor has good news for you. Don't stress yourself! I will be with Kelly and do your dvd's from Denmark ;o) Hugs Michelle
Anonymous said…
Awwww, man. That STINKS. I am amazed that you finished the test and passed! W2G! You are right in real life an attacker wouldn't stop. You are very uplifting in that you are looking at the positive in it all. When this is over I want to see you inspire me in pullups like you have in KBs. You ROCK mama!
Anonymous said…
You are more of a powerhouse on one leg than most of us are on two! You will be fine and back to bringing it hard in no time:)!
Mark Chaney said…
Wish you didn't have to go through this; being injured is awful. However, I know you will not only come through this process a stronger athlete and person, but that you will be sharing and teaching us, your clients and friends, what you've learned, and we will be better for it. Injuries and set-backs are a part of life, but I am confident that you will continue to inspire us as you go through this experience. I wish you speedy healing. You have the support of a huge community of people whose lives you have positively touched.
Anonymous said…
Oh honey, you are so STRONG to have done that!!! If you can pass your test with one knee injured, you will heal in NO TIME. Positive energy and prayers going your way! <3
Howie B said…
So sorry to hear Lauren! But you are a warrior and warriors get injured. It's not a matter of if you get injured, but when. Just keep in mind, professional athletes get injured all the time, it happens to the best of us. The important thing is that you take care of it right away and do it right the first time, which you are doing. Time will heal your knee. But you've now strengthened your mind and spirit which will last for the rest of your life. Keep us posted on things!
Lauren Brooks said…
Dear Everyone, Each and every one of you have just given me a slice of strength and inspiration to look at the positive side of all of this. I will be slowing down with many things, therefore, leaving more time with my little girls. I will take the strength you all are giving me and apply it to other aspects of life.

Thank you all for your encouragement and support. Words of wisdom mean so much and I have learned from all of you. I will keep you all updated.


workout mommy said…
OH NO!!!!

i just finished your video #2 and was checking in to say thank you for being such an inspiration. I'm so sad to read this but I have NO DOUBT that you will come back even stronger. (and your story made me think the original karate kid movie!)

I had meniscus surgery 2.5 years ago and the recovery was much better than I anticipated.

Please keep us updated! Take care!
randomsd said…
So sorry to hear about your injury, but inspired to hear about how you handled it. Your inner strength will continue to develop as you walk through this time. I went through something similar when I was in my 20s. Best wishes.
Amy said…
Lauren, let the doctor guide you as to whether you can film or not. Showing modifications might be a good thing and make the videos more accessible? Whatever you decide, listen to your body and don't push yourself too hard!
karyn said…
It looks like there will be a huge crowd doing their Lauren videos this week in your honor. I wish you and your knee a speedy recovery. What ever you choose to do for your upcoming video it will be great (as all your videos are). Maybe Della will be doing the hard stuff and you the modified this go around?? Everyone would understand if you put the video off completely. Your health is way more important. Enjoy your precious family time. I will be sending prayers your way!!
Anonymous said…
Lauren, I'm so sorry about your knee! I can understand how frustrating this must be. I do think you can go forward with your dvd, just instruct without doing the exercises yourself by having your partners do them. As long as you are there, instructing and motivating I think it will work! I would still buy it! You are an inspiration no matter what! Good luck Lauren.
Mamazon said…
I'm a single mom to an active 4 year old and have little disposable time but I will be spending much of it praying for your knee until it is better than before it was injured. You help women every day just by being you and your planks gave me back my core and helped me see the value of bodyweight training. Now I will tell you something, I was given 3 months to live at one point in my life due to irreparable damage to my lungs from air pollution. Over 12 years later, the X-rays prove that something beyond our scientific understanding happenned. Instead of 71% damage, I only have 20% damage. All my training this week will be in your honor and everyone I know that prays will be praying for your complete and total healing. Hugs.
Tree said…
Lauren! So sorry to hear about your knee but you'll heal up fast and be the best you've ever been! And it's not ironic! It's just another challenge being thrown at you, I'm sure you'll master it with grace, style and your signature badass-ness. Looking forward to Vol. 3 whether now or in 2 years! Take care!
Haley said…
I have had 3 of the exact surgeries you will be having thanks to basketball. You can make a fairly quick recovery (6 months or so for ACL) if you follow the drs orders and complete your physical therapy. My knees do not bother me anymore. You can do it and being in such good shape will make it easier on you.

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