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Time To Face A New Challenge (Part 2)

Continuing on...     August 4, 2010      JUST RECEIVED THE NEWS
(I added this in the post below, but here it is for those who got confused on the date and who are still asking me what the prognosis is)

Yesterday I had an MRI but left with no answers.  This morning I woke up feeling hopeful since the swelling in my knee was a little bit better.  I spent the morning playing with my 17 month old.  We played, then she watched me do some weighted pull ups, push ups, pistols on my right leg, seated presses, and seated rope waves.  Hey I am trying to make the best of it.  I was feeling pretty good.

Okay so I have had quite a few emails from people so far with words of encouragement.  Thanks so much to all of you.  You guys are amazing.  Also many of you wise ones mentioned that if it's a meniscus tear it's a fast recovery.  If it's the ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) which is the primary stabilizer of the knee,  it's a very LONG recovery, 9 - 12 months until I can do everything again. 

Today the doctor looked at the MRI, brought in a skeleton knee and immediately started discussing  Reconstructive Surgery.  That's right folks I have a COMPLETELY TORN ACL! Not the words I was hoping to hear.  Am I surprised?  A little.  I did hear and feel a pop.  I was hoping it was my imagination, but it was real.  He said when athletes use the term "blown out knee"  this is it.  I have a blown out knee and will be needing surgery at some point in the near future.  I guess there goes my plans for wakeboarding then dancing at the clubs on my birthday, no snowboarding this season, and definitely no Krav Maga for awhile.  However, I will be able to do some modified kettlebell exercises which is a good thing as long as I'm super careful.  Next week I was scheduled to film Volume 3 of my UBSC DVD series.  This one was suppose to be the best out of all of them.  I have the most amazing location, coolest set up, and best workouts planned for this.  So the question is do I do it anyway and just modify the exercises I can't do? And have my workout partners do them instead?  Or do I wait several years to do this after I go through the surgery and rehab?  I'm aiming for sooner than later and doing what I can since I've been very anxious to get this DVD out for my peeps.  ;-)  Hopefully that wont be a problem for people.

This is definitely going to be quite an adjustment for me. The fact that I can't do what I am use to doing has not quite settled in yet.  Once this all hits and I adapt I will try and keep everyone posted.  Be well and be healthy. 

Lots of Love,



Unknown said…
Hi Lauren. So sorry to hear about what has happened. I haven't been to your site in awhile and since I have just gotten a TRX wanted to watch your clip on that again. I wish you a speedy recovery. That being said if you have all the elememts in place for a new DVD shoot, I don't think your clients would be disappointed at all if you design a workout and become the modifier and have your background exercisers perform the move advanced moves. Injury affects all of us at some time or another and I don't think that would hurt the effectiveness of your workout at all. It is also understandable if you decide not to put out a new workout until you are healed. Much success to you withever way you go. As for me personally, I loved Vol 1, especially love Vol 2,and you modifing due to injury would not bother me at all.
Lauren Brooks said…
Tracylgo, Thank you so much. It looks as if we are still going to go through with the video. I'm still working on the adjustments with the changes so we can still go for it. It will be put off, but I'm glad you got your TRX. Since it will be involved in one of the workouts in this next DVD. In the meantime there are a few on my youtube channel.

Your feedback is taken seriously and it means so much. Thanks again!
Unknown said…
I wouldn't mind seeing you as a modifier either, if you choose. I love your other dvd's and I'm sure this one will be excellent as well! Wishing you a fast recovery!!
Liz said…
So sorry to hear about your knee. I hope you have a great recovery. I have never gotten to see your workout videos, but I'm sure that you being a modifier would be welcome from any of your fans - as opposed to having to wait out the healing process.
Maria Kang said…
Sorry to hear this Lauren. Hope your knee recovers quickly!
Unknown said…
I think it would be fine for you to step into the instructor role for the moves you shouldn't do! Kinda like you did for Ms. Duncan way back when. None would be the wiser and it will make you look even more authoritative.
Best, Timo.
Anonymous said…
Hi Lauren. I have several of your dvds and love working out with them. I hope you do go ahead and film the new dvd with modifications. It may even be helpful for those who want to continue workouts through injury to see how you modify the exercises.

I tore a meniscus in my knee last year 3 weeks before I was set to run a marathon, so I feel your pain. Anne
Anonymous said…
Lauren, I pray that your surgery goes well and that God heals you quickly. I really enjoy your DVDs and your youtube w/o's. I hope you don't have to delay V3 too long. I certainly won't mind you being a modifier at all. I think it would be very educational for us to see different options of how to workout while rehabing. Thanks for the great workouts and fantastic music.
Lauren Brooks said…
Thanks again you guys. I have scheduled my film date and will be going through with Volume 3. Very excited about this. My knee surprisingly is functioning quite well considering.

You all are very encouraging and I am pleased to know that everyone is okay with me just instructing or modifying where needed.

Anonymous said…
I'm signed up for your kettlebell workshop on Sept 12.. is that still going on as scheduled? Wishing you a smooth and speedy recovery! I've been reading your blog for awhile and find it very awesome & inspiring :)
Lauren Brooks said…
Sept 12th workshop is still on! I can do many of the kettlebell drills now. In fact I'm shooing my next kettlebell DVD next week. I will have an assistant or 2 for the few exercises I should not be doing. However, that should not effect the flow of the workshop one bit.

See you on the 12th!


Anonymous said…
Hi Lauren
so sorry to hear about your ACL but the fact that you are able to do what you can do even with this is a true testament to the inner and outer strength you have that inspires us all. Most people with your injury cannot move let alone do kettlebell drills,teach a workshop, film a DVD and take care of two little girls. I am hoping to be able to afford your new DVD as knowing what you are dealing with and that you forged on is truly something remarkable and a reminder to what the human spirit can accomplish no matter what. I wish you all the best with your surgery and recovery. and oh yeah. Happy Belated anniversary to your 30th birthday!! :)
Lynn Hahn said…
Sorry to hear about your knee. I'm recovering from a 3 level cervical fusion. Boy did that change my world. I'm a fitness pro too and owned a martial art school before the surgery. I had to close it because none of my black belts could run it for me for the 2 years it takes to recover from this surgery.

I also create and produce fitness DVDs. I was right in the middle of a shoot when my neck gave out. Had to eat that expense.

Just wanted to let you know that when life closes a door it opens another one.

I'm making the most of it and learning some great stuff that can be done with low impact aerobics. I'll be back in another year.

I'm learning tons about the computer, filming and other loves I've not had time for. It all works out in the end. I'm very actively writing now. I also started a podcast to keep me busy.

Hope you heal fast!

Take care!
Lauren Brooks said…
Hi Lynn,

Thanks so much for sharing your story. Wow I couldn't imagine having such a severe life altering change as to what you have just gone through. You are inspirational and I appreciate your uplifting advice.

Good luck with your recovery. Again, I am sorry you have had to deal with such a serious injury. You are very positive. I look forward to checking out your videos as well!

All the best,


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