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Kettlebell Training Workshop - San Diego / Sorrento Valley

Kettlebell Training Workshop
with a touch of TRX
(no prior experience needed)

Come spend 3 great hours with Lauren Brooks, learning the best exercises, with a non-intimidating approach, that will help you turn your body into a powerful, fat burning machine.  

This kettlebell workshop is designed for:

- Athletes who want to take their training to a new level. Such as snowboarders, wakeboarders, surfers, runners, yogi's, and martial artists.

- Busy people who struggle to find the time for working out; such as moms, dads, and all working professionals who still want to feel and look amazing!

- Anyone, including beginning exerciser, who wants to learn a fun and efficient way to strengthen their entire body while burning fat at the same time.

Personal Trainers and Group Fitness coaches that want to safely add kettlebells to their clients regimen. 

Personal Trainers, Group Instructors, Boot Camp Teachers, and anyone in the fitness industry who wants to stand out from the rest and earn CEC's at the same time!

- People who are tired of spending hours in the gym and only seeing mediocre results (IF ANY)

- The at home exerciser who wants to make sure they are using kettlebells correctly and needs new ideas

- Beginners are welcome and do not need to have any previous kettlebell training experience. 

You will learn the basic foundation kettlebell exercises including:

Dead Lifts
 Turkish Get Ups (various styles)
 Front Squats
 Military Presses

In addition to more intermediate/advance exercises such as

Hand 2 Hand Swings
High Pull
 Snatches and much more.

Some feedback from previous workshops:

Lauren's workshop was specific, efficient and perfectly designed with appropriate progressions. Specific needs were easily addressed. Individuals each received cues plus suggestions constantly throughout the entire session. Lauren demonstrates and presents excellent real life examples of each kettlebell exercise, as well as providing a specific accurate workbook. SENSATIONAL!
Robin E., Encinitas Ca

I had a great time! Lauren is an excellent teacher she covers everything. She is definitely educated on the human body and knows what she teaches. Loved the class!
M. Roybal, San Diego Ca

"Outstanding workshop. I learned so many new things and I felt challenged throughout. The instructor was very thorough, with great examples. Great pace, I never felt burnt out, but it was never too easy. Excellent motivation as well. The class far exceeded my expectations."
Eric G. - Carlsbad, Ca

" I really enjoyed your laid back style. You are thorough yet you let us get our own feel for it. I will continue to learn from you."
Carrie M. - San Diego, Ca

" I really liked this workshop. You are clear and easy to take direction from. I would recommend this to anyone. I thought this workshop would be good, but it was great. Thanks for sharing!
Tracey B. - Encinitas, Ca

I really enjoyed the relaxed teaching style of the workshop. I was worried that I would feel intimidated, but Lauren's relaxed style made me feel comfortable immediately. She was very open and responsive to the students fitness levels and needs. I am excited to be starting on my kettlebell journey knowing that I have learned the correct technique that will enable me to attain my fitness goals.

Stacy M. , Coronado Ca

Being a beginner to kettlebells, I thought this workshop was awesome!! Lauren did an excellent job of explaining the different kettlebell moves and also kept me safe from hurting myself. (Which could easily happen being so new to kettlebells) I would love to, and look forward to, taking more classes/workshops in the future. Great job, Lauren!!"
Sarah R. - Newport Beach, Ca

"Loved the workshop. It was great to see if I was actually using Kettlebells correctly. The towel kettlebell swing was my light bulb moment. I love the manual and can't wait to go home and start a new workout!
Karyn R. - Marysville, Ca

 Well Organized
- Comprehensive
- Understandable
- Applicable

And very FUN in a non-intimidating environment.

Well worth the drive! 

Tammy C,  Santa Cruz, California

"Really informative and not intimidating. Wish you lived in Los Angeles."

Amanda L,  Los Angeles, California

"I was very impressed with Lauren's ability to patiently explain each move focusing on each step as it should be executed.  I went in with no knowledge of what a kettlebell workout should look like and feel as though, with some work, I will be able to apply the exercises I learned. Thank you!!"

Honey D, Carlsbad, California

"This was wonderful.  I attended hoping to learn something different & fun, & learn it safely.  You totally delivered.  I look forward to integrating kettlebells into my workout!

Leah. W. , Ca

What 3 words best describe this workshop?

"Informative, creative, fun"
" Interactive, well-paced, educational"
"Got me motivated"
"Fun, Functional, Fierce"
" A Great Time"
" Fun, Efficient, Introductory"
" Fun, Informative, Practical"

You don’t have to worry about there being any fluff or filler. This workshop will be straight to the point and mostly hands on. Quick demonstrations, quick explanations, with not too much lecturing since I really do not like to hear my own voice. I will only show you exercises that I use personally and will go hand in hand with your fitness goals! If you are looking to sit down and listen to someone lecture at you, then this workshop is NOT for you. This workshop is designed for people who don't have time to waste and want to learn quality information in a short period of time with clear explanations. I know first hand how valuable time is, especially with having 2 young kids, one older boy (my husband) and running a successful fitness/nutrition business. Short workouts are my only option and they work!

Testimonials and Feedback about my instruction and teaching skills can be found here and here

Date: 9/12/10
Time: 10:00a.m. - 1:00p.m
Carmel Valley / Sorrento Valley just North of San Diego

Early Bird Discount 

BONUS *You will leave the workshop with any DVD of choice*

earn (0.3 CEC)

Sign up right here

*Military, Student, and MMA Academy member discounts available.  Contact me for Details.

Cancellation Policy: Must give a 30 day notice in order to receive a full refund.  


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