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Can Kettlebells Improve your Yoga and Vice Versa?

Yes even kettlebells can help your yoga practice and vice versa.  It's so wonderful to actually be able to see and feel the benefits almost immediately.

I've been so excited about this since I have added a Yoga portion to my Saturday kettlebell classes. This class is taught by Robin Duncan, certified YogaWorks teacher.  So far, people have loved the feeling of both combined.  Granted the yoga poses are designed specifically for those who just completed an intense class using kettlebells, cables, and other ballistic and strength training movements. From  the research studies from Dr. Stuart McGill, Robin Duncan and I design a safe practice that compliments the kettlebell class.  I have no doubt in my mind that more and more kettlebell instructors will be partnering up with qualified yoga instructors to do the same thing.  However, I hope that other instructors know that there are many popular yoga poses that should not be implemented directly after a student completes a kettlebell class, as it can actually cause more damage than good.

Here is an example of a yoga instructors experience adding kettlebell exercises to her regimen.

"Hi Lauren,

I have got to say I love your two Kettlebell DVD's I have, they are simply the best! I have other Kettlebell workouts but since I have gotten yours I really don't use my others anymore. There is no dread factor with your workouts. I tell my friends and my yoga students about them and how much you’re a great Kettlebell Instructor.

Ever since I started doing Kettlebells my yoga practice has gone to the next level. I love how kettlebell training goes hand in hand with my yoga since it doesn't shorten my muscles. I am getting my sister-in-law into kettlebell training who lives out in Temecula, CA. When I visit her in the next year we will definitely have to take one of your classes. If you ever find your way to Michigan let me know you can come to one of my yoga classes.

Keep coming up with the incredible workouts that you put out on DVD.”

Kris K.,  Michigan -  Certified Hatha/Pre-natal yoga instructor and RYT.

What are your experiences with combining kettlebell training with yoga??  Please be specific with the type of yoga you practice as well since I'm very curious.


Diana said…
I've been taking a yoga class called "flow therapeutics" which is basically a lot of stretches. But, it's really, really helped with my KB training and my triathlon training. I've got some of the tightest hips in WI and since Yoga has come my way-I'm way more powerful in my hip snap-therefore, much better at all the kb moves!
Love it-wish I wouldn't have waited sooooo long to check it out!
Amy said…
I haven't tried combining a KB workout with yoga yet, as I wasn't sure what poses were appropriate. However, after only six weeks of starting KBs I was already seeing improvements in my yoga practice. My shoulders were so much more open and stronger. Poses like Chatarunga, Warrior II, and Side Plank felt so much more stable. And while I still could not push up fully in Urdhva Dhanurasana (Upward Bow), my shoulders and upper back were finally opening up and getting strong enough to get me closer to the full pose!

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