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Brooks/Cheatham Workshop was a Success!

I want to start off by thanking all the participants at the workshop for doing an outstanding job, even with the video cameras and lights all over the place.  I especially would like to thank Carolyn Brumfield RKC II, owner of Phyzyks, for allowing us to use her beautiful facility.  Not only did she allow us to use it, she also instructed the dreaded Double Snatch. For those who missed it, don't worry, the DVD will be out this summer.  

I also want to thank Sara Cheatham for being an amazing partner with this workshop.  In spite of this being our first workshop together, our different teaching styles and personalities complimented each other very well.  It was a great atmosphere and vibe throughout! Thank you to everyone, film crew (you know who you are), Della Whelchel (my BuggyBellz partner) and the great people who surrounded us. 

At the end of the workshop we handed out some feedback forms which were completely Anonymous.  Therefore it allowed people to be as honest as possible.  This is what a few people said about their experience to some of the questions that were asked.

" I heard that these trainers were the best in the field.  I was so happy that everyone was correct.  I hope to be as effective with my clients"

"Great job ladies"

" Thank you Lauren & Sara! You guys were awesome"

" You two worked really well together, well planned"

What did you like most about this workshop?

"Casual Experience and Open To questions."
" Learning Intermediate technique that I haven't been exposed to before"
"Hardcore, safe, effective workouts w/ step by step instruction"
" Personal  "
" Great pace/tempo of instruction, great instructors"
" Presenters had great energy and command of material.  Great introduction to KB movements"
" I like the fact that they mixed the physical with the conceptual foundation"

What did you like least about this workshop?

"Too short! Lots of information."
" How out of shape I feel"
"N/A it was very thorough"
" more air flow "
" Seemed a bit rushed"
" Too much time reviewing the basics in my opinion"
" It was all valuable"

What was the most valuable information provided?

"Progression for heavy snatches, integration of joint mobility"
" Increasing Snatch power"
" Motivational part from Sara really resonated"
" Cues for exercises"
" It was all valuable"
" Proper form, technique and the theoretical purpose involved in training the mind"

What 3 words best describe this workshop?

"Informative, creative, fun"
" Interactive, well-paced, educational"
"Got me motivated"
"Fun, Functional, Fierce"
" A Great Time"
" Fun, Efficient, Introductory"
" Fun, Informative, Practical"


Annika said…
Looking forward to the DVD!

I have been meaning to say how much I adore your new DVD! I finally started to use it last week and was pleasantly surprised! It completely different from the last one, and I mean different in a good way absolutely! It the perfect next step, progress, partner to/companion to the first one!
Could rave about it forever, well done and thanks!
Lauren Brooks said…

Thank you so much! I'm so very pleased you like the new DVD. This new one coming will definitely be very different than any of the other DVD's I put out, since it's a live seminar. However, there will be some valuable information that will help with anyone's current training regimen.

This will also be a good compliment to any of my DVD's I have released.

I appreciate your positive feedback!

Take care, Lauren
Jen said…
So excited about your new DVD! Can't wait to add it to my collection :)

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