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Thanksgiving Kettlebell Workout

We all over eat a little around the holidays, don't we? I know I like to at least taste a couple of goodies that I normally don't consume throughout the year. That's why it's that much more important to stick to your workouts or bring up the intensity around this time. I did this quick workout yesterday and boy am I feeling it. My good friends/students Laura and Lindsey left for Afghanistan with their kettlebells, of course, and requested a few workouts. Well this is for you guys!!

I thought I'd share it with all of you. Give it a try 3-5 times through and let me know what you think. This is NOT a beginner workout and does not provide any instruction. If you need to learn how to do some of these exercises, I suggest you get a lesson from your local Certified Russian Kettlebell instructor or purchase a Kettlebell DVD with a tutorial/demonstration section. Please use your judgement!

To view a larger version click here

For those who want to download a copy on their ipod, so they have NO excuses, shoot me an email at, and I'll send you the ipod version.

Next youtube workout will be a TRX and kettlebell workout. If you don't have a TRX training system you really should get one. They are actually having a sale during the holidays starting at midnight. Check them out right here


Meghan said…
This is awesome! Another workout for the post-pregnancy vault while I continue using your Baby Bells DVD. With all these amazing kettlebell workouts I will be one fit mommy! :D
Lauren Brooks said…

I hope your pregnancy is going well. Glad to hear that you are still using kettlebells and using the DVD. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your little one!
Thanks for the video! Looks killer! And thats what I love about you! Would love to see more.
I have been enjoying my DVD very much. Thanks for all your work and inspiration.
KARYN said…
This is another GREAT workout. I just finished 5 sets and I know I'm feeling this tomorrow! Just what I needed after a week of vacation and Thanksgiving dinner ahead.
Anonymous said…
Very cool, Lauren! The moves and the music are awesome. I pray that your friends will have a safe trip to and from the Middle East. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Lauren Brooks said…
Thank you all very much!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
randomsd said…
Thanks for the workout Lauren. I'm in San Diego,and fairly new to kettlebells (maybe 6months) but I just love it. And I've already seen changes in myself an others. Appreciate you sharing your knowledge, especially during the holidays.
Nicole said…
Awesome! A trx and kb video!! whoohoo - my trx just arrived in the mail and am looking for a good workout :) Can't wait! Nicole x
Chip Warren said…
nice Thanksgiving Kettlebell Workout
Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting these mini workouts. They are fun and intense. I have your first DVD and I really like everything about it--the music, your presentation style (encouraging, calm), the kbell mixed w/ bodyweight exercises, and the timed intervals. So, when is your next DVD due? Will it be more intense/advanced? What moves are you going to include? Will you do a pre-sale w/ clips first? I am axiously looking forward to your next project. Thanks, Jessica.

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