Thank you for a Great Kettlebell Workshop!

Yesterday was such a great morning with such a wonderful group of people. Beautiful weather and location on top of that. Thanks again to USCrossfit for hosting our kettlebell workshop. With the place being all windows and a nice open space near the beach, who could ask for a better location. Everyone did awesome as we blasted through many exercises in 3 hours. Everyone was pleased to leave with a manual that included an 8 week training program.

" I really enjoyed your laid back style. You are thorough yet you let us get our own feel for it. I will continue to learn from you."
Carrie M. - San Diego, Ca

Being a beginner to kettlebells, I though this workshop was awesome!! Lauren did an excellent job of explaining the different kettlebell moves and also kept me safe from hurting myself. (Which could easily happen being so new to kettlebells) I would love to, and look forward to, taking more classes/workshops in the future. Great job, Lauren!!"

Here are a few pictures from the workshop.

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