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Can't believe I just turned 30! (check out video clip)

Lauren with her 2nd baby Chloe, at 6 months old.

I'm sure many of you, this probably seems very young, and some of you very old. In fact for the last several years I have been thinking about this day. I had many goals set in my mind that I wanted accomplished before the age of 30. I don't know why it feels like such a big number to me. Anyway the way I pictured celebrating my birthday turned out completely different than I had ever expected. I figured I'd go to Vegas with a bunch of girlfriends and party it up, but in fact I ended up doing the exact opposite.

During my college years I had ample time and opportunities to surf, snowboard, skateboard, and wakeboard. It has been over 7 years since graduating college. Once I established my career all my leisure activities took a back seat. But the good news is I found kettlebells. Since graduating college I have only gone snowboarding a handful of times and had the opportunity to wakeboard once or twice. I pretty much just gave up since it wasn't accessible to me during this time of my life.

Well I decided on my 30th birthday it was time to start making time and doing these things again more often. I forked up some cash to rent a boat for 30 minutes, along with bringing my 6 month old baby, to see if I could still hang how I used to. My training for the past several years had been focused all on kettlebells and body weight type exercises.

Here is a video clip of how it all went down.

If you are having a hard time viewing the video up above you can click here
to watch it.

All I can say is kettlebells rule!! There is no way my legs would have the power and stamina it did after all those years if I did not do kettlebells. So it just goes to show you, that proper and smart kettlebell training really does have an amazing crossover effect!!

Lauren's 30th Birthday and 6 months postpartum


Janet said…
Happy Birthday, Lauren! I just turned 45 ten days ago; I'm still wrapping my brain around that number.
Lauren Brooks said…
Thank Janet! Happy Birthday to you as well. I truly hope you enjoyed yourself and did what made YOU happy. 8-)
Unknown said…
That looks FUNtastic :-D! I hope I get the chance to try it someday. Glad you made the opportunity a reality; we owe ourselves all the relaxation we can get. I turned 30 nearly 12 years ago, but thanks to kettlebells, I believe my "real age" is 29 (LOL). Take care.

Birmingham, AL
Keith said…
Happy 30th! I'll turn 30 next May, and I totally agree with you about not being a "kid" anymore! But fitness and health is one way we can still feel young. Props to you for still being able to wakeboard! My favorite part of the video is Lyla patting Chloe's head- such sweet sisters :)
Melissa said…
Happy Birthday! I love your Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells DVD. I'm impressed, but not entirely surprised, that kettlebells allowed you to maintain your wakeboarding skills. The exercises you can do with kettlebells in a short amount of time are freakishly effective. Do you have any plans to make another DVD? I love having something to pop in the DVD player on days when my motivation is low. Alternatively, do you recommend DVDs from any other trainers?
Lauren Brooks said…
Thanks everyone! I'm glad you all are experiencing the benefits of efficient exercises.

Melissa, email me and I'll tell you about my plans for the next DVD as well as steer you in the right direction for other great DVD's out there from other instructors.
navychick73 said…

Happy Belated 30th!! I will be turning 36 in Nov & want to be in as good a shape as your are by then with the help of the KettleBells available at my gym.

I am sending an email to you with more questions!!


Have an AWESOME Labor Day Weekend in Sunny SD!

Armed Forces Pacific (Japan)
Sandy P said…
First of all, happy belated birthday! Congrats on your smooth return to wakeboarding! I'm a 33yr old CrossFitter up in Pasadena and a kb LOVER. CF did for me what kb did for you it sounds like. My fave component (yet still challenging component) of CF is using kb's. I started not being able to swing 10 reps of a 10 lb kb (without my back being thrown out as I hard 2 slipped disc which I've had for years) to recently being able to swing a 2 pood!

I found your blog when I was looking on Garage Gyms site at kb's bc I finally decided to buy a few for my apartment and you did a KB trial of the various ones they sell & your website flashed. I've been reading through your blog ever since with fascination.

You have a gorgeous family & an awesome set up down there. Your girls will certainly have a strong & beautiful role model. Not just for them, but for others like me. I'm single without kids and I hope to find a man who can appreciate a strong (and increasingly fit- still need to lose about 30 lbs w/ Paleo Zone& CF) woman with callused hands. :) I would love to have children one day & expose them to fun health & fitness like you have.

I love your blogs on nutrition as well as your musings, work outs, family etc. How awesome that you got to go to Mike's Gym & train w/ Greg Everett? So cool. And I am wayyy with you on the good butt vs. good hands thing. In fact, I embrace my calluses (I know, I'm weird) but just b/c they're a testament to how hard I work out. If you have any tips on keeping them in control other than the standard shaving, please share.

I just wanted to say it's so great to see such a strong Mama as yourself finding such a fantastic niche & sharing it with others.

Rock on!
best, Sandy Puljic
Anonymous said…
That was great stuff Lauren! Hope you enjoyed your bday. and don't worry we both still look like we are in our 20s :) great photos of chloe and lyla. they are really beautiful girls.

Like the new logo! hope Ben is doing well too. Regina
Christine said…
Dude, totally jealous of you! welcome to the best years of your life! haha Or maybe I sould say, welcome to the 30 and over club! I think I said Happy Birthday on your bday, but just in case I didn't, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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