Chloe's 6 month birthday and a little update on me

Little Miss Chloe exactly 6 months here

Lyla wanting to be close to her sister

Now this here it true love.  Lyla LOVES being a big sister. (tears) 

Okay 6 months!!!!  It sounds like such a long time but it feels like yesterday. There is no wasting time these days. I'm constantly on the move now juggling 2 kids, my business, and of course my hubby.  There is never a dull moment in my house.  I'm still adjusting to two little ones.  

As far as my fitness and health goes I would say I'm on a slightly slower road than last time. Finding the time with two kids is much more of a challenge. But I have dropped a couple pounds this month since introducing foods to Chloe. Even though I'm making tons of milk now, it's crazy! I'm at a weight and body fat that I am enjoying. My clients and I all took our body fat percentage with hydrostatic weighing (the gold standard, getting dunked in a tank).  At 2 months postpartum I was 117lb with a 19.7% body fat.  Two weeks ago I retested and I am 113lb with a 17.9% body fat. So not a dramatic difference but like I said, I am still making so much milk, I don't know how I'm doing it.  The workouts have not been as consistent as they should be. The food is what I have had to focus on the most. Either way I can't complain. All I wanted for the last several years was to have 2 kids by my 30th birthday and feel good enough to celebrate. Well my 30th birthday is in TWO days and I feel great.  This birthday is a bit scary to me.  I'm no longer a kid now!  8-(    I guess it's all in the mind. I feel like a kid and will probably celebrate like one too. I hope to go wakeboarding, but we'll see what the day brings. 

That's it for now!!!!!


Darcey said...

lauryn, hope you have a great birthday. your family is beautiful. happy birthday

aslater said...

Happy belated birthday, Lauren :-). I hope it was a good one.

aslater said...
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Anonymous said...

I wish you a belated happy birthday! Your girls are so beautiful. You obviously have a very loving, happy family.

stephaniezamora said...

Your girls are beautiful!