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My 2nd little girl Chloe Rebekah born on 2/17/09

Chloe Rebekah Miller 

born safe and sound on Feb 17th.

Chloe was a healthy bouncing baby at 8lb 6oz and 21 inches long!!!!

I couldn't have been happier to finally have my baby on me! Went through a 35 hour labor and did everything in my power for a VBAC. Doctors said they have never seen such a thing. Finally had to stop laboring to get her out and unfortunately ended up with another C-section. The good thing and most important thing of course is she is very healthy and it was over. She was so big for my small frame that they had to vacuum her out of my stomach. (Will blame her size on my husbands side!!) Either way, there is a nice story behind the whole thing which I will touch upon later while my disappointment and anger towards this Doctor settles down. So more details in the near future. 

Chloe's big sister, Lyla, welcoming her in to this world

This photo was taken 6 days before Chloe arrived. As you can tell she was a big girl and I was VERY READY!!!!!

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Nicole said…
Congratulations Lauren and what a beautiful name!!

You have recently inspired me to purchase a kettlebell and I have also purchased your 1st kettlebell dvd and can't wait for it to arrive!! The first time I started swinging the kettlebell I knew it was going to be a new addiction of mine!!

Look forward to following your post natal journey. Nicole xx
Howie B said…
Congratulations (again)!

We're due with our second in August. And we've found out, Anthony is going to have a little sister!!

And my wife is about to start using your Baby Bells DVD!

Best wishes to you, the little ones and the hubby. Good luck getting sleep!!
Roland Denzel said…
Congratulations! Beautiful little baby. :)
Lauren Brooks said…

Thank you so much! I look forward to going to Australia one of these days!!

I am so pleased that I influenced you to start swinging kettlebells. You will love it and I look forward to hearing about your experience with it all.

Thanks so much and I will be posting my post natal recovery and journey very soon. I'm doing surprisingly well so far. 8-) Thanks again!
Lauren Brooks said…

Congrats to you as well!! Oh Howie you are going to love your little girl so much. And I'm sure Anthony is going to be such a wonderful big brother. You are lucky you get one of each. 8-) But I can't complain I love my girls!!!!

I wish your wife the best with the rest of her pregnancy and staying fit throughout. I know it's a challenge. Maybe she will have the baby on August 19th! That's my birthday. 8-) Of course I wish the best for you as well with dealing with a pregnant wife. My husband can talk to you more about that one. ;-)

Keep in touch!! And at this time there is no sleep involved but I am running on pure adrenaline. ;-)
Lauren Brooks said…

Thanks so much!

Take care,

Lauren said…
Congratulations on the arrival of Chloe! I'm so happy you posted some pictures for us. I'm just 3 months away from having my second (hoping for another girl) and have also considered a vbac. Unfortunately I'm small too, and in the end I'll probably just have another C. I can't wait to see more pictures of you and the fam and to hear how you're managing with two!
christina said…
Congrats on the sweet little girl.

I haven't checked on here in a little while. The Baby bells DVD looks great!! I haven't KB'd much this pregnancy and now at 30wks I wished I had been is it too late to get the video?
Ulrika said…
Congrats on the baby!!! You and I have the same girl name picked out! i love Chloe! I'm 18 weeks prego with the third one right now, dont know if its a boy or girl yet, would love a boy, but who knows :) Sorry about your c-section, must have been difficult after 35 hours of really trying to go natural..... I will have my third c-section with this one. Oh well.

i bought your Baby Bells DVD - Great BTW - just wondering how often i should do it? Right now I'm shooting for 3 times/week. Do you recommend anything else in between those workouts?

Keep us posted with your recovery, you are vey motivating!

Thanks for everything!
Lauren Brooks said…
Hi Lauren,

Congrats to you too! There are plenty of small girls who can still have a vaginal birth. The trick is laboring as long as possible at home and avoiding as many medical interventions as possible. If you can squat while pushing you have a much better chance at getting your baby out and avoiding another C-section. But unfortunately there are some things you just can't control, you can try though!!

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. The best wish is for a healthy baby!!!
Lauren Brooks said…

30 Weeks!! You are getting close, but it's definitely not too late to workout. Walking may be plenty for you if you haven't touched kettlebells at all throughout your pregnancy. If so, you can still take advantage of the benefits of kettlebells using a light bell.

Keep me posted on your progress and congrats in advanced!
Lauren Brooks said…
Hi Ulrika,

That's wonderful that you already have your name picked and it's Chloe. 8-)

Your plan for 3x a week with the DVD is perfect. I like to incorporate walking in between the workouts. If you like to swim or hike those are always great options as well.

I will definitely keep you posted with my recovery. Please keep me posted with your pregnancy and the workouts. Enjoy!!!!
Anonymous said…
Congrats Lauren, you got two beautiful little girls!! Congrats to you and Ben, Hope all is well and thanks for sharing the photos... and Chloe is already almost a month time flies!! yet, I am sure you are looking forward to getting back to your workouts! Congrats on the new DVD.. I think I'll pass for now...not likely I'm going to be expecting anytime soon.. :)

All the best
workout mommy said…
Congratulations! I've been anxiously awaiting your news! She and big sister are both adorable!
Franz Snideman said…

Congratulations and great job on bring another healthy beautiful girl into the world!!!!!!

Can't wait to meet her!!!
Mysteria502 said…
First time reading blogs bout fitness, n im loving it. I will be having a 3rd c-section in 7 days, and im ready to go back to my old body.
However because ive waited longer than i should to start working out again, i notice i have always had that little pooch where the surgery took place.
I hope your advice n tips on these new ab workout will work for me once im ready to get
Into shape. Ill keep posted. Congrats on ur lil ones. Stay intouch.
Nicole Skjerve said…
Hi Lauren!
I'm due Feb with my second baby, my first was breech so I had to have a C-section. I'm so on the fence about trying a VBAC I haven't even talked to my doc about it but I've heard good and bad. I hear a lot of moms who have given birth naturally and they say they would feel like they didn't work as hard or that they didn't really give birth if they had a C-section, that's a little offensive to me! I feel like those of us who have had to go through that should not feel that way, are you happy that you tried the VBAC?

Thanks, Nicole

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