Lindsey Bellomy an amazing RKC

I am so proud to introduce Lindsey Bellomy  

Here is a little bit about Lindsey 

Lindsey Bellomy has the desire to offer FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, & FLEXIBILITY.  As an Officer in the United States Marine Corps she has had a close affinity to physical training emplacing and ensuring the highest physical fitness standards upon her Marines and Sailors.  Lindsey has been training with Lauren Brooks since July 2008. As Lauren neared the end of her pregnancy, Lindsey has enjoyed  instructing her classes. This February, Lindsey became an RKC certified instructor. Her passion is to help both men and women transform their bodies into lean, powerhouse machines as nature always intended. 

My students and I have been so lucky to watch her amazing athletic abilities blow us all away. Anyone who trains with Lindsey will see what a strong powerful girl she is. Not to mention her fun and captivating personality. She makes training very enjoyable, yet intense. I was so lucky to have Lindsey teach my classes while I was on maternity leave.  I look forward to having her apart of the On The Edge Fitness team for a long time. 


Franz Snideman said...


How is the baby?

Lauren said...


Chloe is doing amazing! She's a good eater.


fedchick95 said...

Ooh Rah!!! Lindsey. My son is a Marine and just left for his second tour. He is in America's Battalion the 3/3.

deniz do─čan said...

TGA (Turkish kettlebell girya academy)

Anonymous said...

Great stuff about Lindsey. Chloe is a doll! Congrats on getting back to your workouts!

Best to all

jwetzold said...

Trying to get in touch with Lindsey! she still training with you! she was a beast in Iraq!

jwetzold said...

Lindsey was a beast in Iraq when we were there! Is she still training with you? I just got back from overseas and am trying to get in touch with her again!