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We had the BIG ultrasound. The sex of our baby is...

First let me start off saying my last pregnancy we did not find out the sex of the baby. It was a huge surprise when our baby girl was born, because everyone thought I was having a boy. The reason we decided to find out this time is for practical purposes. Such as, do we keep Lyla's clothes or give them away? What kind of room should we get ready for this baby? The free time I use to have just doesn't exist, more time is essential to get ready for this next one.

Yesterday was Ben's birthday (my husband) and we went in for a morning ultrasound appointment. I am measuring exactly at 20 weeks and the baby is 11 ounces. I kindly asked the ultrasound technician not tell us the sex of the baby and please write it down for us. She said she wrote it down on back of the photo in the envelope. She told us, it's never 100% accurate. I wanted to find out later that evening for his birthday dinner. Just to make it that much more special.

So to finally get to the point. We went to his favorite restaurant, Nobu sushi in Solana Beach. We sat at the sushi bar and waited to open up the envelope until we ordered our first round of food. We then open up the envelope and look on the back for the writing and there was no writing! We both looked at each other so shocked. Then we turned it around and in little tiny typing we see the word GIRL!!!!!!!!!

Lyla is going to have a baby sister. We are very happy!


Anonymous said…
Another gorgeous Miller girl, I'm sure.
Jammison said…
I knew it! Before I read your post I made myself guess...and I guessed girl! Oh, I am so excited for you guys! I bet she'll be just as beautiful as Lyla! Congrats!
Christine said…
Congratulations Lauren....How exciting, a baby sister!!!!
Anonymous said…
yay! We are excited for you guys.
fawn said…
What great news Lauren! Ben will surrounded by girls!
Lauren Brooks said…
Thanks you guys! It will be fun seeing Lyla interact with her little sister. Just hoping this pregnancy goes by quickly because my belly is already getting very very large!
Maya said…
Very exciting! Lyla is so stunning and I'm sure her baby sister will be as well. Here's hoping the rest of your pregnancy goes by quickly and smoothly.

All the best,
Maya Shackley
Howie B said…
Woo hoo!!! Congratulations!!

Ben good luck, there's going to be a LOT of estrogen flowing through that house.
Anonymous said…
Congrats Lauren and Ben and Happy Belated Bday to Ben!! Hope you and Lisa Shaffer had a great workshop this weekend. I wish I could have come to learn more from you both.

I am super happy for you and your family.

All the best
Franz Snideman said…
Congratulations Lauren!!!
Lauren Brooks said…
Thanks again everyone!

Howie, It will be good for Ben. I hope you get a girl next! You have no idea how wrapped around their finger you will be once you have a daughter.

Regina, I'm sure there will be other opportunities. Thank you!

Franz, I'm counting the days to when you guys are next. 8-) It's going to be crazy here very very soon!
Everyday Emily said…
Ben is so out-numbered!
Congratulations to all of you!!
Tracey said…
Yay for Y'all but, drat I wanted that dress Lyla had on the other day!!! ;)
workout mommy said…
congratulations! They will be best friends! :)

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