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16 1/2 Weeks Pregnant and Growing

The lovely pregnancy side effects of constant peeing has hit me. Unfortunately this time I was not able to go back to sleep. It is now 3 a.m. I decided to get out of bed rather than laying there hoping to fall back asleep.

Life is on fast forward at this time. So I am actually enjoying sitting here peacefully with everyone asleep. The days just seem to fly by. With a full load of work, being a mom, a wife, staying active, and keeping up with friends socially, doesn't leave much down time. I can't complain because I am having a rather easy pregnancy right now. With staying as busy as I am, I hardly notice it except for my belly. I'm just so amazed how fast my belly popped out this time. My body knew exactly what to do as soon as it realized I was pregnant. Last pregnancy my stomach was not this big. Jeans are definitely getting tighter, but I guess that's what happens when you have a baby in your tummy!

Here is a bit of a recap from the last several weeks.

Went to a really good friends wedding in Reno the last weekend of July. It was a beautiful wedding. Lyla looked so cute in her little dress.

Bachelorette girl's weekend in Big Bear. I'm excited to be a bridesmaid in my good friend Rebecca's wedding. She chose to do a nice quiet relaxing weekend in Big Bear, California. We rented a cabin by the lake and it was an awesome time. Of course I couldn't go up to the cabin without a couple kettlebells. Some of us had a fun kettlebell morning workout. I had 2 Kettlebells for 3 of us so we did some circuits. You can see my belly!

Getting ready for a night in the town of Big Bear. Everyone drinking except me of course. 8-)

My Birthday Dinner. 29 years old. Once again, everyone drinking except for me. 8-(

How the overly proud parent in me comes gushing out. I just can't help myself but include all of these pictures of Lyla here. She is impressing me every day. She will now kiss me if I ask her for a kiss. It's the cutest thing in the world and I just melt. No words can explain this feeling. She is 19 months now!


Howie B said…
Happy Birthday! Hopefully you ate enough to make up for the not drinking part. Lyla is so adorable. We'll have to plan a play date with her and Anthony one day. =)

Hopefully you're back to bed by now!
Lauren Brooks said…
Hi Howie,

I probably did eat enough to make up for not drinking. That has been the theme this pregnancy. So much hungrier this time around.

We will definitely have to plan a play date at some point. Before they are too old.

I began this blog at 3 a.m. then ended up finishing it last night. I was back in bed by 6 a.m. It took me awhile to upload pictures and then I needed a break. 8-)
Christine said…
I had no idea it was your birthday! Happy Birthday! Lyla is sooo cute! You look great Lauren!
Everyday Emily said…
Happy (belated) Birthday! Lyla's pictures are sooo cute! I can't believe how big she is getting. I hope to see yuo guys very soon!!
Lauren Brooks said…
Thanks Christina and Emily.
(SR71)Atomica said…
And there you have it, one of the downsides of pregnancy, your advantage in bladder capacity over that of a man is compromised. Normally you could last for longer periods between rest stops. But such has changed...Relax though, it will come to pass after childbirth...of course you knew that...
I have learnt that a 5ft woman has a larger bladder capacity than a 6ft man as her pelvis is wider obviously for reproduction, but longer periods between toilet trips is another fringe benefit.
Anonymous said…
Lyla is beyond adorable...and so are you with your little belly :)
fawn said…
Great pictures Lauren!
workout mommy said…
happy belated birthday! Your pictures are great and your daughter is so adorable!

(and how fun to travel with YOU! Kettlebells on vacation? I love it!)
Jammison said…
yey, beautiful woman, I love seeing all these darling pictures. I miss you so much! Your daughter is sooooooo beautiful! Like her mama. Love you! Lets talk soon!
Lauren Brooks said…
Ahhh Thanks Everyone!!!!! 8-)

Lyla's okay. ;-)
Happy Birthday Lauren. You might be seeing weight being gained when you are 16 weeks pregnant. Your belly looks similar to that of mine. Nice photo. Have things adding the same kind.

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