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Here is a brand new Review from about " The Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells DVD."

Jeff really breaks down this review nicely in to several sections. The review discusses the details of the DVD, what was liked about the DVD, and what could have been better. A very honest review from a person who has seen and produced many Kettlebell DVD's.

Check out the review right here at . For those who have seen the DVD leaving comments at the end of the review page right at this site would be most appreciated. Thank you everyone!

I am excited to make more in the future!


Franz Snideman said…
Nice job Lauren!

How are sales going?
Lauren Brooks said…
Thanks Franz!

Sales are better than expected. It's been out a little over a month and the first several weeks were very busy. Things have slowed down a bit but it's still steady. When is yours next DVD coming out?
christina said…
Lauren I have a question... I have been doing KB's for around 6m now. Not as consistent as I would like but I feel like I've got a good handle on them at this point. (Taught myself) Anyway I really want to get your video, however my husband and I have decided to start trying for another baby, would your video be ok to do during pregnancy? Would I be OK doing KB during pregnancy without formal training? Anyway thanks for any advice you have.
Lauren Brooks said…
Hi Christina,

If you are an avid exerciser before your pregnancy, as long as you do not have a high risk pregnancy, and your doctor allows you to exercise, you can continue with what you were already doing.

Depending on what your level is regarding kettlebells you may want to take it a little easier and go lighter. There are things on this current DVD I would not recommend pregnant women past 20 weeks to do, such as laying on your back, etc.. There is 1 easier workout on the DVD as well as 1 moderate workout. It's really a personal decision. I am pregnant again and currently doing all the workouts that are on the DVD. But then again I don't have any complications and know the limits of my body.

I do plan on filming a pregnancy DVD in the next several weeks with light kettlebell workouts but it may not be ready for some time. But the first 20 weeks you can pretty much do anything on my current DVD in a slower more controlled fashion. Hope this helps. If you have anymore questions feel free to email me at
Anonymous said…


christina said…
Thanks for the reply lauren! I think I'll get it and just take it easier then I'll have it for when I'm ready to get back into it full speed again!
Anonymous said…
Hey Lauren - big time congrats on the DVD! - with you we see the really ideal progression for this type of thing - you have a big-time passion for fitness, achieved mastery, shared your knowledge with as many people as possible privately, and now you're looking for ways to reach new people! Too many people get this order wrong, but when you get it right that's when things take off! Props and continued success!!!!
Lauren Brooks said…

I just checked out your website. Pretty cool. I'd love to hear more about your path in the training field.

Thanks so much as well!
Franz Snideman said…

New DVD is hopefully coming out in October at the LATEST!

Nice job on your sales!

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